Bismillah Khan: The Maestro from Benaras


Author: Juhi Sinha
Publisher: Niyogi Books
(Pp 154, ISBN 978-81-89738-91-4)

An insight into the home, the heart, muse and music of one of the greatest artists of India – Bismillah Khan. The book traces his journey from a small town of Dumraon to Benaras and thence to the world. It focuses on how a small boy became a man, a shagird became an ustad and the ustad became a legend – from his early days when he charge five rupees for a programme to the days when each performance commanded anything between five to ten lakh rupees.

The book also gives a picturesque view of Benaras – its streets, gallis and muhallas, its ghats and temples, etc. It also lovingly portrays the whims and foibles of Bismillah Khan – an artist, whose stature as a musical legend could never quite overshadow the wit, humour and charisma of the man. The author Juhi Sinha also a filmmaker has captured both Bismillah Khan and Benaras in an unforgettable way. The descriptions are crisp and the pictures memserising. An interesting and informative book for all who want to know more about this Indian legend.

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