Between Friends: Letter Exchanging Ideas


Between Friends: Letter Exchanging IdeasAuthor: Margaret Chatterjee
Publisher: Promilla & Co Publishers
(Pp 130, ISBN 978-93-80188-07-2, Rs 200)

Though writing letters is diminishing but the importance of letters cannot be undermined. Historians and biographers have deciphered invaluable details through letters. Those who have preserved a letter from their near and dear ones, know what it feels to go through it even after many years.

Here, the author expresses her wide-ranging interests through an exchange of letters between two friends. These include areas like inter alia, literature and matters of urgent contemporary concerns such as fault lines in democracies, the extent of injustice, the onus of responsibility, the role of intellectuals, the experience of migrants, the position of women and the continuing challenge of Gandhi’s life and thought. All in all, it stimulates positive transformations of attitude and hopes for a more peaceful world.

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