Le Corbusier Rediscovered: Chandigarh and Beyond


Edited by: Rajnish Wattas and Deepika Gandhi
Publisher: Niyogi Books
(Pp 260, ISBN 978-93-85285-85-1)

With the recent recognition of Chandigarh’s Capitol Complex as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the spotlight on its creator, Le Corbusier considered the 20th century’s greatest architect-planner attains a more illustrious glow. Against this backdrop, Le Corbusier Rediscovered: Chandigarh and Beyond weaves together an anthology of inspired essays by eminent, global experts on Corbusier’s life, ideas and work, both in Chandigarh and at other places.

The book is a commemoration of the legendary architect Le Corbusier and his masterpiece the city of Chandigarh. It features essays by world-famous architects and urban planners on Le Corbusier and his vision. It includes almost 250 images, maps and rare sketches by Le Corbusier himself, on the city of Chandigarh.

The diverse yet interlinked themes forming a composite compendium, rediscover the timelessness of Corbusier’s architecture and revisit his impact in India and the world over. Current issues like conservation of Chandigarh’s architectural heritage, future strategies for its growth and the Smart City model for Indian urbanization are also addressed. The book is imbued with a patina of historicity imparted by the inclusion of some rare archival images and texts.

With focussed essays by international experts like BV Doshi, William JR Curtis, Raj Rewal, Rahul Mehrotra, Jacques Sbriglio, Michel Richard, Alfredo Brillembourg, SD Sharma, Jagan Shah, Rajnish Wattas and Sumit Kaur on thematically linked topics this richly illustrated book – with nearly 250 images – constitutes a seminal new publication. It rediscovers Le Corbusier and his crowning glory Chandigarh, viewed afresh in a new light.

– Vasu V

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