Scattered Rays


Author: Poonam Surie
Publisher: Konark Publishers, New Delhi
(Pp 117, ISBN 9789322008871, Rs 250)

Poetry books are scarce these days. Those in search of a good one may end their pursuit with Poonam Surie’s Scattered Rays, which reflects multitude of emotions, experiences and reflections that subconsciously exist somewhere. An anthology of 114 poems, this poetry book draws a picture of life the poet draws from her own or someone else’s life. Most of the poems in the collection reflect some thoughts and actions that compel the poet to a point where she can’t stop penning down her thought.

Reflecting brilliantly in the poems, such as The Sari Shop, On Diplomatic Dinner, The Sea of Fragrant Snow, The Terrorist and Paper Flowers, is the poet’s wide canvas of rich experiences she has garnered through her travels crossing the borders, traversing across cultures, seeking out empathy for people she knew or complete strangers to her. This book of poem deals issues that touch human lives, which is important in the contemporary architecture of social life.

– Jyaneswar Laishram

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