Only well-scripted, designed and printed books can shape the future of children!


eBooks, educational apps and other digital media are just an additional form to provide education and should not be considered as a replacement for printed books. Here, Anuj Chawla, Director, Dreamland Publications share the importance of books and the elements which can make the book attractive to children. Books have been here ever since the paper and printing technology has been developed. Without books, the knowledge of our past, culture and civilization would have been impossible for human beings.

Why books are important for children?

There are so many scientific studies which state that knowledgeable and attractive books play an important role in the growth of children.

Books can introduce children to different people and places, expand their vocabulary, stimulate their curiosity and imagination, and encourage their intellectual growth. Very young children get attracted by brightly-coloured pictures of simple objects. They respond well to books with simple text and good rhymes. Books supported by attractive images and illustrations encourage them to create their own stories.

How to make books attractive…

In recent times, printing industry has been equipped with many new features like 4-colours + special colours printing with UV coating, foiling, embossing, glitters and die-cutting, etc. to make the books more attractive. By using these features, renowned publishers produce beautiful books to fascinate children. Keeping the child’s unique personality in mind, books having age-appropriate language supported with vivid, clear imagery are most effective when they correspond to the subject matter. Such books encourage children on the path of education and shape their future.

It is a big responsibility of authors, illustrators, editors, publishers and printers to produce such books. Books that miss these features are a mere bunch of papers bound together. School teachers/principals must carefully go through the books thoroughly before prescribing them for providing education so that the children do not feel that study is a burden. Such books should also be easily available through all networks.

Let’s shape the future of our children with age-appropriate and quality books.

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