Launched: Rajput Arms & Armour: The Rathores and their Armoury at Jodhpur Fort


Rajput Arms & Armour: The Rathores and their Armoury at Jodhpur Fort is a radical book which challenges arms and armour orthodoxy and is essential reading for scholars, collectors and dealers interested in India and its wider culture.

Authored by Robert Elgood and published by Niyogi Books, the book was unveiled in the presence of William Dalrymple, art historian, curator and author along with Karni Singh Jasol, director, Mehrangarh Museum Trust at the Bikaner House recently.

The programme started with the unveiling of the book and a welcome note from the publisher, Bikash De Niyogi, who then invited Robert Elgood to let the audience know about the backdrop of the subject.

Elgood explained the cultural content behind Rajput battles and arms which necessarily meant slaying which would mean a straight entry to heaven. Next William Dalrymple spoke highly about the book. He quoted the book as a “magnificent weightlifting object printed on highest quality art paper, best editing, design etc.” He also stressed on the importance of preserving history and historical objects.

Karni Singh Jasol, Director, Mehrangarh Museum Trust spoke about the troubles Robert took in making this book see the light of the day. As all the armoury is in the basement space of the fort, so Elgood had to spend hours literally in a dungeon which has resulted in this beautiful book in context to the arms and armour. Next volume will be soon out on the firearms collections of the Mehrangarh fort.

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