The Maitreya Chronicles second book The Golden Dakini launched


Bestselling author Charu Singh mesmerizing series The Maitreya Chronicles second book The Golden Dakini was launched at the Zee Jaipur Literature Festival. Andrew Quintman, Associate Professor of Religious Studies, specializing in the Buddhist traditions of Tibet and the Himalaya, in the Department of Religious Studies at Yale was in conversation with Charu Singh. In this spellbinding sequel to Path of the Swan, Charu Singh deftly draws on the rich heritage of Tibetan-Buddhist mythology to immerse the reader in a story that is as magical and reminiscent as its precursor.

Published by Hachette India, the basic concept behind The Maitreya Chronicles series is that of the prophesized saviour or the Maitreya Buddha that is to be born, the Path of the Swan unfolds as a book with this concept at the heart of it, all the action around the first book is necessarily a build up for the prophesized birth of the Messiah. In The Golden Dakini, a series of adventures lead to the birth of the Maitreya Buddha. She plans to do a third book centered on the Maitreya Buddha and his rather eventful youth and his innate spirituality.

Talking on the sequel, Charu Singh said, The Golden Dakini was the second part of a beautiful journey through the mystery and splendour of Tibetan Buddhism. I was able to carry forward the story that began with the Path of the Swan and in this book I explored several new characters and concepts. I hope it gets as fulfilling for my readers as it was for me while writing it.”

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