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The Principles of Petrology : An Introduction to the Science of Rocks, 2/Ed.

Author: GW Tyrrell Publisher: AITBS Publishers (ISBN:9789374735275, Rs 210)

In this book the task of summarizing modern petrology from the genetic standpoint has been attempted. The scale of the work is small as compared with the magnitude of its subject, but it is nevertheless believed that the field has been reasonably covered. In conformity with the genetic viewpoint petrology, as contrasted with petrography, has been emphasized throughout.

It is hoped that the book will appeal to students of geology who have acquired an elementary knowledge of the science, and who are going on to more advanced work; to advanced students and post-graduate researchers; and to workers in other branches of geology who desire a conspectus of the present state of the science of petrology. Further more it is believed that the book will prove useful to workers engaged in technical and applied aspects of geology, in all of which some knowledge of rocks in general in fundamental.

Principles of Marketing

Author: Brajendra Kr. Gupta and Robert H. Utarid Publisher: AITBS Publishers (Pp 192, ISBN: 9789374736289, Rs 195)

Innovation in marketing is common, but innovation in a book on marketing is not very common. This book, ‘Principles of Marketing’ is an innovation in the way we approach to make our students understand the subject. Great Organizations are built on strong pillars and one of those pillar is ‘Marketing’. Without a good understanding in the concepts of marketing no Organization can survive in a competitive environment.

Students who will be venturing into new jobs after graduation need to have a firm foundation in the concepts of marketing. This book provides a fresh and interesting way of understanding marketing, it is simple to read and easy to understand and best suited for the student community.

One smal step can change yo ur life

Author: Joginder Singh Publisher: Diamond Books (Pp 176, ISBN : 978-93- 5261-616-9, Rs 150)

It is a strange thing about life, that if you refuse to accept anything, other than the best, the life will give it to you. The tips in this book will help you to live your life fully and magnificently. A must read book for everyone on new discoveries and approaches in life, and how to be confident in public life.

Diamond anual horoscope 2018

Author: Dr Bhojraj Dwivedi, Pt. Ramesh Dwivedi Publisher: Diamond Books (Pp 478, ISBN : 978-93- 5261-405-9, Rs 250)

The Diamond Horoscope for 2018 is the possible events according to astrological knowledge and wisdom.

The Friendles God Author: S Anuradha

Publisher: Moonlight Books (Pp 357, ISBN : 978-81- 932643-6-2, Rs 325)

The Friendless God is a novel set in modern India and tracks the lives of three individuals, one of whom loves, the second hates and third makes use of Lord Rama. Kodanda is fascinated by Lord Rama but is unable to worship him because he faces resistance from his strongwilled mother Vaidehi and for street-smart orphan Raman, Lord Rama is another tool to move ahead in life. The novel traces the lives of these three and their different equations with Lord Rama. Its denouement happens on the day millions converged in Ayodhya to claim the land they considered the birthplace of Rama.

Mysteries in the Mist

Author: Lisa Alber Publisher: Moonlight Books (Pp 336, ISBN: 978-81-9326- 430-0, Rs.395)

Mist has settled over Lisfenora village, bringing with it tales of a predatory faery called Grey Man. When a teenage boy dies in Danny’s arms, he finds himself pursuing his own grey man, a killer who becomes more elusive the closer Danny gets to the truth. A mysterious hermit jewelry maker, a mute woman on a quest to reconcile a past murder, and a dog turned hero join Merrit and Danny in the next installment of the County Clare mysteries.

When God went to hel

Author: Ravi Gupta Publisher: Niyogi Books (Pp 166, ISBN: 978-93- 85285-76-9, Rs. 395)

The dialogue between God and the Devil explores the meaning of life, the conflict of good versus evil, creation versus evolution, and God as creator versus the creation of God.

GST Goods and Services Tax

Author: Rakesh Kumar Publisher: Diamond Books (Pp 296, ISBN : 978-93- 5261-626-8, Rs 175)

The book contents valuable information on The Central Goods and Services Tax Act, 2017 (Act 12 of 2017, dt. 12.4.2017). The Integrated Goods and Services Tax Act, 2017 (Act

13 of 2017, dt. 12.4.2017). The Union Territory Goods and Services Tax Act, 2017 (Act 14 of 2017, dt. 12.4.2017). The Goods and Services Tax (Compensation to States) Act, 2017, (Act 15 of 2017, dt. 12.4.2017).

Notes from a Spa nish Diary

Author: Ranjita Biswas Publisher: Niyogi Books (Pp 166, ISBN: 978-93- 86906-01-4, Rs. 850)

Drawing on the riveting anecdotes of a solo Indian woman traveller, Notes from a Spanish Diary is a personal account of discovering the aura and flavour of Spain. Munching on the local cuisine and rambling along the lanes of Spanish history and culture, Ranjita Biswas has unfolded her indomitable experience of travelling beyond her comfort zone, making this book an excellent choice for a tourist as well as an armchair traveller.

Skin So Beaut iful Yours

Author: Bharti Taneja Publisher: Diamond Books (Pp 152, ISBN Rs 175)

The book, “Skin So Beautifully Yours” maintains close proximity and faith in the age-old traditional wisdom on home remedies and in the latest and more scientific skin treatments.

Listed are various home remedies and modern skin treatments with their benefits, leaving it to the discretion of the readers to choose a right combination of home remedies and professional care to erase the effects of ravages of time, pollution and stress to which our skin is prone to in this supersonic age. As per author, the impact of all hairstyles and make-up techniques would be doubly effective if you are also a “Pride Possessor” of such beautiful skin.

Environmental policies in India

Author: Abhay Kumar, Surjith Karthikeyan Publisher: Gyan Publishing House, (Pp 176, ISBN : 978- 81-212-1275-5, Rs 520)

This book reviews the policies adopted towards protection of environment, abatement of pollution, green initiative legislation in India under the purview of several Ministries & other government bodies, and the basic approaches to Environmental Policy in general adopted in various Countries.

Underground economy

Author: B V Kumar Publisher: Konark Publishers Pvt Ltd (Pp 392, ISBN : 978-93-220- 0886-4, Rs 395)

From organized crime to tax havens, this book interlinks the nexus between hidden money, drug trafficking, serious crime, and money laundering. The author delves into detailed case studies of banks and financial institutions to unravel the deep roots that cause this scourge. The author also touches upon financial secrecy laws and how they encourage the laundering procedss.

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