Meet Narendra Kumar Verma



Get to know me

Who am I? I’m a positive man! Whatever happening around me I always take it in a positive way.

What motivates me? Good things that keep rising around us, whether it is in business or marketing or anything that involves in our day-to-day life.

How did I come into publishing? I have a long publishing hierarchy. My great grandfather started the business way back in the year 1948 in Multan (Pakistan).

A day in my life

How I start my day? I wake up at 5:30 am; go for a walk, yoga and do payer, before heading to office at 10:00 am.

My day ends at…After office, I normally don’t engage much in any big social activity. So, I would like to say my day usually ends up with big fat family dinners, sometimes outside.

How do I spend my leisure time? I do spare my free time either meeting my friends or holidaying in some exotic destinations in India or abroad.

My stress buster…I just take a walk to de-stress, especially in a quite open area.

Life is to live

Favourite sport: Cricket; nowadays I just watch it, but I used to play it during my younger years.

Favourite book: Main Mrityu Sikhata Hun by Osho or How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

Favourite author: Munshi Premchand

Favourite movie: Sholay

Favourite actor: Amitabh Bachchan

Favourite destination for holidays: Imphal (Manipur)

Any bucket list: I have an NGO called ‘Sparsh’ dedicated to social works. After 60 I will retire from the publishing business to involve full time in the organisation. My aim is to provide free education to poor and disabled children.

Work is passion

Business/political leader who motivates me: Narendra Modi ‘Diamond Group’ in one liner: A book publisher for common people

To be a leader is… To follow what the leaders do—to me, it is to follow the right path my ancestors had set for me.

An exciting point in a typical day’s work: To finish a project, say an interesting Diamond Comic story!

If you are born again: No doubt, I would like to be born again as a ‘publisher’ only.

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