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Dreamland to launch 150 new titles @ Frankfurt Book Fair

Dreamland Publications is a name among the prestigious publishing houses that publish a lot of wonderful books for children. They aim to educate as much as to entertain. The books published by them are well-loved by children and parents alike. From the brilliant picture books, the lovable story-books to creative activity books they have something to suit every age or inclination. On the occasion of Frankfurt Book Fair, they are releasing more than 150 new titles and below are some of the distinguished series:

How My Body Works

The Human Body’ is a fascinating topic. All our body systems are vital. It is essential and necessary for everyone to know about the body and the organs and how they function so that one can understand about illness and diseases and how it affects the various organs.

How My Body Works – a series of 25 books is an incredible series that endeavours to reveal how all the functions of the body, such as digestion, respiration, reproduction, movement and sensitivity take place.

Each book deals with a separate topic and uses clear easy-to-understand pictures and text-matter to explain all the processes that keep our bodies alive. Find out everything you ever wanted to know about your body as each book takes through a new body system and includes amazing facts. This series is a perfect for an inquisitive mind who is keen to know more about the human body and an excellent reference for each science student.

Famous Stories From Bible

A series of 12 books and a collection of stories from the Old Testament and New Testament are retold in simple, easyto- read text with breathtaking vibrant illustrations on every page that make it a perfect series to introduce young children to the stories and characters of the Bible.

Etiquette for Children

Good manners and etiquette are important for children of every age.

Learning good manners and etiquette can help you to convey respect to people with whom you interact with. People having good etiquette and manners practice basic courtesy, speak politely, hold doors open for elder people, behave well at public places, drive courteously, greet people and never use harsh words and hurt others.

Etiquette for Children, a series of 4 books is an essential series of four books that cover good manners at home, at school, in public transport, on vacations, on special occasions and more. Each topic is defined through charming illustrations support by easy-to-understand text.

Meet them at Frankfurt Book Fair at Stand D-69 Hall 6.1

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