11 books released by LiFi Publications


At Delhi Book Fair, New Delhi, LiFi Publications Pvt Ltd released 11 books at Author’s Corner, which included The Wickerman Chronicles (Giri Kurichiyath); Shadows of the Departed (Abhik Chakraborty); Sacral ICCHA : A Plethora of Love and Emotions (Shilpi M Bhardwaj); Like A Psalm… (Perumpadavam Sreedharan, translated by A.J. Thomas); It’s never a break-up in love (Avijitt Ssood); Hope Express: Tomorrow is a new day (Ketan Vaidya); Ajey!: The Invincible (Lokendra Singh); Reminiscences of Neurosurgeon: Little Salty Bit Sugary (Lokendra Singh); A Cup of Coffee with a Bunch of Tales (Jayaraj); IT @D day : When Machine Hunts Man (Anirban Basu) and Bougainvillea (Rakhi Sunil Kumar).

These books were released by Dr Subhash Chandra, former associate professor of English, University of Delhi; Dr. Vijay Sharma, former principal, Ram Lal Anand College, University of Delhi and Dinesh Sharma, registrar general, Delhi High Court. Rashmi Singh, a well-known author whose seven books have been published, out of which two have been published by LiFi Publications, was also called on the dais to release the books.

Majority of authors were present at the event. Dr. Thomas, the translator of the book LIKE A PSALM informed the audience that the book has originally been published in Malayalam and it is running into more than eighty editions with more than 2,50,000 copies sold till now.

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