The Full Circle of convictions, relationships and emotions in today’s fast-paced world


After the runaway success of his novel, Wings of Freedom, which was a period cross-cultural love story in the backdrop of British-Ruled India, author Ratan Kaul once again penned down human emotions very beautifully in his new romance fiction – The Full Circle: A Saga of Unrequited Love.

The book is a periscopic view of the last forty years and how speedily the world noticed a vast array of socio-economic changes. While briefing about the book, Ratan Kaul said, “This book portrays the complexities of life’s challenges, destiny, human convictions and emotions in the backdrop of today’s fast-paced world. Every change in the life of the lead character’s life, partly in India and partly in the USA, is like the rotations of a wheel, for good or for bad, but it is not in his hands as someone else governs the circling of his fate.”

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