Author-photographer Shivang Mehta honoured


Shivang Mehta, author of A Decade With Tigers: Supremacy, solitude, Stripes won the YES BANK Natural Capital Awards 2017: Pixel Perfect Award for a photograph included in the book published by Niyogi Books.

The book is a unique tribute to the tigers who have played a vital role as ‘brand ambassadors’ of Indian wildlife. The volume chronicles legendary tiger mothers and male tigers of the past decade, as well as their tales of survival, complemented by exquisite images by wildlife photographer Shivang Mehta, who has spent thousands of hours on the field. Also showcased is the singular diversity of Indian wildlife through spectacular images of the myriad species that share their home with tigers, photographed in terrains ranging from montane forests to the plains of Central India.

According to Shivang Mehta, “Pacman is one of the cubs of the popular lady of the lakes Krishna (T19) in Ranthambhore. As a photographer, I have followed this family for over 150 days around Ranthambhore. On one occasion, Pacman displayed his immature hunting skills by attempting to kill a spotted deer. The young tiger cub struggled to bring down a deer and there was this split-moment action where he pounced on the deer, and, rather than choking his prey, he tried to kill it using his body weight as the deer tried to escape from the jaws of the tiger. The story of this dynamic family of Ranthambhore can be read in my book A Decade with Tigers: Supremacy, Solitude, Stripes.”

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