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Ayurvedic Herbology East & West

A practical Guide to ayurvedic Herbal Medicine

Author: Vishnu Dass Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Private Limited (Pp 351, ISBN: 978-81-208- 4099-7, Rs 445)

This is a comprehensive and practical guide to Ayurvedic herbal medicine. Importantly, it is one of the first books to categorize commonly used Western medicinal plants with Ayurvedic herbal energetics. It also focuses on traditional Ayurvedic herbs and formulas that are readily available.

Yoga the Indian way

Author: Dharmavir Singh Mahida Publisher: Niyogi Books (Pp 357, ISBN: 978-93- 85285-77-7, Rs 495)

This book provides excellent guidelines to those who want to follow a spiritual path, but are confused as to where and how to start. It is an effort to put the great science and art of yoga in its right perspective by describing its background in simple terms without losing its essence.

Pakistan army Institution that Matters

Author: Ashish Shukla Publisher: KW Publishers Pvt Ltd (Pp 357, ISBN: 978-93- 86288-83-7, Rs 1060)

This is a comprehensive study of army as an institution in Pakistan. The book uses a theoretical framework of civil-military relations and seeks to situate the core of Pakistan military within this framework. It also explains the lacunae in the theory in explaining certain aspects of the centres of the power with the military institutions. Through the course of the study the author also analyses how the army has become an all pervasive instituion within Pakistan and how it shapes the political narrative.

Chikankari A Lucknawi Tradition

Author: Paola Manfredi Publisher: Niyogi Books (Pp 252, ISBN: 978-93- 85285-53-0, Rs 2495)

Chikankari is not just about embroidry. Its legendary finesse is based on a creative blend of delicate embroidery with very fine dressmaking and sewing techniques. This beautifully illustrated book showcases unknown gems from personal and public collections, and brings to life the history of this unique craft tradition. The various chapters describe the mysterious origins of the craft, the range of costumes, the inspirations behind its motifs, the time-honoured elaborate production process, and the bewildering array of stitches that raised this craft to a truly exceptional art form.

Numerical Analysis

Authors: Rama Bhat, Ashok Kaushal (Pp 400, ISBN: 978-81-8487-595-9)

This book will serve as a good textbook for any undergraduate course on numerical methods. Example problems illustrating the methods give good insight into methods discussed. This book also contains some MATLAB programs with an introduction to the use of MATLAB programming given in the appendix. The codes are written in a way that is easy to follow and require little prior programming knowledge; however, if some users want a more comprehensive introduction, there are many other resources available. The main focus is to cover the basics of how to program an algorithm for the various numerical methods.

Electrical Technology

Authors: NP Subramaniam, Anoop Mathew Publisher: Narosa Publishing House (Pp 500, ISBN: 978-81-8487-592-8)

Electrical Technology is systematically developed to meet the syllabus of undergraduate course in Electrical Engineering of various universities. The complicated concepts are explained in a lucid manner with the help of necessary diagrams and waveforms. Comprehensive coverage has been made to explain the concepts of application-level topics like Electric Traction and Power Electronics. Review questions have been added at the end of each chapter for better understanding of the subject apart from numerous numerical and design problems.

My School Atlas

Publisher: Edu Hub Publishing Company (Pp 104, ISBN: 978-93-859- 9437-1, Rs 210)

A beautifully presented atlas of world maps caters to the needs of upper primary as well as middle school students. The book has already won the prestigious Delhi Printers Excellence in Printing Award. The keen detail and variety in maps makes it clearly stand above the rest.

Tales from Panchatantra

Publisher: Edu Hub Publishing Company (Pp 80, ISBN: 978-93-857- 3857-9, Rs 200)

Tales From Panchatantra is an ancient Indian collection of stories of wit and wisdom. The original Sanskrit work was composed in the 3rd century BC by Pandit Vishnu Sharma. It is the most frequently translated literary products of India and these stories are among the most widely known in the world.

These stories have been adapted and told for thousands of years and they communicate the essence of diplomacy, relationships, politics and administration. Tales From Panchatantra attempts to introduce its readers to the wonderful and mystical world of Panchatantra.

Daniell Comes to Judgement

New and Vintage Daruwalla
Author: Keki N Daruwalla Publisher: Niyogi Books (Pp 216, ISBN: 978-93- 85285-59-2, Rs 395)

A collection of short stories by Keki N Daruwalla, the acclaimed poet-cum-novelist at his very best! There are new stories here written especially for this book in a span of less than two months and perennial favourites (of vintage worth) still relevant in today’s changed times. The collection showcases the author’s enduring range. The new stories are first person narratives and, with the exception of one, voices of women – city women – putting into words their moods and memories. The author has deliberately shunned the violencefactor in this collection. In fact ‘Bars,’ a new story written for another volume and included in this, is a commentary on the strains of intolerance staining the social fabric.

Active Yoga

Publisher: Jiwan Books International Pvt Ltd (Pp 148, ISBN: 978-93-359- 3179-6, Rs 175)

Jiwan Active Yoga is a comprehensive guide to the origin, development and establishment of yoga as a culture in Indian civilisation. it traces the development of the technique under the patronising hands of stalwarts like Swami Vivekananda and Shri Aurobindo. The aim of designing the book is not only to encourage a healthy and positive lifestyle for children but also to increase their concentration and bring peace and calm.

Cyber Security

Author: Avantika Yadav Publisher: Narosa Publishing House (Pp 200, ISBN: 978-81w- 8487-598-0)

This book gives brief introduction about the cyber security basics and related terms such that a reader from noncomputer background may also be able to understand. It covers the entire syllabus of cyber security subject, which is essential audit course for all the courses and all the branches irrespective of the specialization. This is a most practical and up-todate reference for Cyber Security.

Edu Hub Times

Publisher: Edu Hub Publishing Company
A monthly graded magazine that comes from classes Pre-Primary to Class 5 has become a favourite with the young and enthusiastic learners. The magazine comes with fun filled games, activities and monthly celebrations. A series of contests have been incorporated that are acknowledged through interesting prizes and gifts. AR (Augmented Reality) provides an added attraction with stories, rhymes and colouring pages that can be brought live on the mobile phones and tablets.

Black Beauty

Author: Anne Sewell Publisher: Jiwan Books International Pvt Ltd (Pp 141, ISBN: 978-81-285- 0517-1, Rs 140)

A timeless tale of the life of a beautiful horse with a black fine coat, a white foot and a silver star on his forehead! Even with the end of the free galloping in the fields, and hardships, that he faces through the years, he looks optimistic and remembers the words of his mother and his first master. The book has been designed to cater to the interest of young readers of the age group 9 to 14 years and carries with it the simple values of kindness, empathy and compassion.

What the buddha taught

Author: Paul Demieville Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Private Limited (Pp 103, ISBN: 978-81-208- 4107-9 Rs 225)

The book is a luminous account of fundamental principles of the Buddhist doctrine, as they are found in the most ancient texts, which are called ‘The Tradition’ (Agama) in Sanskrit and ‘The Canonic Corpus’ (Nikaya) in Pali. Dr Rahula, who possesses an incomparable knowledge of these texts, refers to them constantly and almost exclusively.

Saral Hindi Vyakaran

Author: Urmila Mediratta Publisher: Jiwan Books International Pvt Ltd (Pp 160, ISBN: 978-93-859- 3103-1, Rs 260)

True to its name, the book by Jiwan Books International Pvt Ltd, for secondary classes is a complete book for understanding the basic concepts of Hindi grammar. The book comes with detailed examples for every concept along with practice exercises. The various topics in Composition have been chosen as per the prescribed guideline and explained in great detail. A set of sample papers, both solved and unsolved, complete the book in all respect.

Rampa ging Lovers

Author: B B Dandekar Publisher: Gyan Publishing House (Pp 271, ISBN: 978-81-212- 1334-9, Rs 980)

The novel, with nervetingling suspense, binds the characters in a plot replete with surprising twists. Yet it transcends the ordinary class of the genre, because it probes deeper into the human heart – and then rips out what it finds there with an almost brutal candor. It is a literary novel that explores, with brilliance, the roots of racial tensions – not only in South Africa, but in England as well.

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