Meet Neeraj Gupta


managing director, Rachna Sagar Pvt Ltd

Get to know me

Who am I? I’m an energetic and affable person, who believes that hard work is the golden trail towards success. I’m charged while doing creative things and that keeps me focused on whatever I do.

What motivates me? Choosing an innovative modus operandi instead of toeing the routine path, particularly when doing everyday things, is what excites me. Pioneering new ideas and presenting them in interesting formats so as to produce the best outcomes, drives me forward.

How did I come into publishing? My entry into the publishing business was by happenstance, but now, it has been more than two decades that I am in this line of business. I have developed myself over this time, into a confident and committed publisher and trainer, intent on going forward with my professional choices.

My quirks… I take pride in sporting a badge of identity for all Rachna Sagar employees. It’s the last thing I pin on to my shirt pocket before leaving the house. Oh yes, my hanky is always a mainstay of my morning ritual of getting dressed for the day.

A day in my life

How I start my day? I start my day with the children, helping them to get ready for school. Then I go for my Yoga session, followed by a brisk walk for about 45 minutes. Back home, I sit for a cup of tea and ‘tete-a-tete’ with my wife. I find this regimen provides me the right elixir to enliven me to face a challenging day ahead.

My day ends at… It is 9.30 or 10 o’clock by the time the day finishes despite my trying hard to maintain shorter working hours. In fact, my children often grumble about it as they are dozing off to sleep when I return home.

How I like to spend my leisure time? I enjoy sitting with the family at home and if there’s time enough, we go to a movie together. I also try to take out time to interact with them about their studies which I guess, gives me a lot of satisfaction as I feel it’s a platform for sharing my knowledge base with them.

My stress buster… Listening to music, particularly ghazals. Strangely enough, I’m drawn to the kind of music that

youngsters of today revel in… the loud sound pitch and the constant drum beats. Also, a special treat I look forward to s a relaxed head massage.

Life is to live

Favorite sport: I’m a lover of all forms of sporting activities. I love to play basketball. I also enjoy watching cricket with my son.

Favourite book: All the volumes that we create, print and put out for children at Rachna Sagar.

Favourite author: Stephen R Covey and his book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. It was first given to me by a dear acquaintance and I have read and re-read it several times. The contents are presented in a forthright style and the ideas seem very relevant and worth emulating.

Favourite movie: Movies like 3 Idiots are really the kind of cinema I love watching several times over. Its perceptive content and the buffoonish interludes help me switch off from routine travails and have a good laugh.

Favourite actors: Hritik Roshan and Akshay Kumar

Favourite destination for holidays: Kashmir and South Africa

Any bucket list? I want to take my parents and my family on a world tour and show them the countries of their individual choice.

I also want to possess a dream pent house on the topmost floor of a multi-storied building complete with a terrace pool, a lush lawn and garden and an unobstructed view of the distant horizon, giving me a source of unobstructed introspection whenever I look out.

Work is passion

Rachna Sagar in one line: The products made by Rachna Sagar can make students and parents understand a topic, subject or a concept so perfectly that it remains etched in their beings for life.

My people mantra: We try our best to instill into our team the urge to work towards an indelible stamp of quality contribution towards the organization.

To be a leader is: Work in a way that others would like to follow.

An exciting point in a typical day’s work: When I can make my staff feel energetic and happy while working with me. That is one of the chief indicators of my own performance in the set-up.

If you are born again: I’d like to be a good human being, enriched with the power of a positive mindset.

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