Delhi Medical Association honours Delhi Book Store


In the book publishing industry, Delhi Book Store is a preeminent and prominent icon for the last seven decades. In the academic world, there will hardly be anyone who has not heard their name. More recently, they have been awarded by the Delhi Medical Association for their outstanding contribution. Delhi Book Store, occupying all the floors of a five-storied building in Delhi’s Daryaganj area, is the place where an individual or a bookseller can fulfill his wants in respect of any quantity of books of any genre. Their premise on Ansari Road is furnished in an elegant way that is designed not only to please one’s eyes but is also ergonomic. The store, each floor of it, is done up for one’s convenience, comfort, and expediency. Knowledgeable, friendly and pro-active staff is available to lend a helping hand, who will not only show one what one wants but also offer one a cup of tea or coffee.

What’s new?

One of the most important factors that helped DBS to achieve this height is the collection of the huge quantity of books of all academic fields from around the world, especially medical books. This is why medical professionals or doctors always recall them for any need. “We also respect their faith and keep no stone unturned to quench their thirst. Recently DBS has added a new feather in the cap by bagging the outstanding achievement award by the Delhi Medical Association,” says Vijay Ahuja of Delhi Book Store.

Huge reservoir of books

“We are the exclusive distributor of many reputed international publishers like Taylor and Francis Group, CRC, Routledge, Pan Stanford, RIBA, Garland Science, Fairmount Press, IHS BRE Press, Cabi, Academic Press Group, Elsevier, Morgan Kaufmann, Chandos Publishing, Butterworth Heineman, Syngtess, Gulf Publishing, Wood Head Press, Chemtech Publishing,” tells Ahuja.

“In last 4-5 years, many reputed publishers have tied up with us solely for their publications which have not only enriched our store but boosted up our sales. Amongst them are Springer, Arcler Press, Delve Publishing, Auris Reference, Koros Press Limited, Magnum Publishing, Intelliz Press, 3G E-Learning, Syrawood Publishing House, Willford press, Larsen & Keller, Callisto Reference, Clanrye International, Foster, Hayle Medical, NY Research Press,” he says.

How technology has changed book distribution process…

“Technology, particularly the availability of big data coupled with a wide variety of digital marketing channels, offers substantial opportunity for distributors and marketing professionals. Now a customer can easily reach to a distributor and vice-versa. Logistics has also helped us by accelerating the process of delivery. Earlier, the only way for sending books to the customer was via the postal department. Now many courier companies have come up and the cost has gone down. Sometimes the companies even provide special discounts for big volume—even four titles can be sent at the cost of sending one book,” he says. On asking about online sale of books, Ahuja adds, “Our online sales has also been increasing gradually because of our widespread reach on the internet.”

Huge network…

Delhi Book Store boasts of a strong network of distributors across India while booksellers throughout India are connected with them through regular correspondence by all means.

DBS Imprints…

DBS IMPRINTS a franchise of DBS is an international publishing house embracing a complete range of subjects. “We are committed to focus on authenticity, content relevance as well as best-in-class production, publish cuttingedge, informative books written and edited by internationally renowned experts in their fields,” tells Ahuja. From advanced technology to ancient sciences, DBS IMPRINT is committed to publishing a range of superior academic content from today’s leading specialists and experts. In last one year DBS IMPRINTS has come up with the following titles: The DBS Handbook of Agricultural Pesticides, The DBS Handbook of Biofertilizers and Biopesticides, The DBS Handbook of Geomorphology, The DBS Handbook of Chemical Engineering, The DBS Handbook of Dairy Technology, The DBS Handbook of Aerospace, The DBS Handbook of Soil Chemistry, The DBS Handbook of Genetics, The DBS Handbook of Hydrology, The DBS Handbook of Drugs: A Complete Research, The DBS Handbook of Fungi, The DBS Handbook of Physical Chemistry, The DBS Handbook of Inorganic Chemistry, The DBS Handbook of Cell Biology, The DBS Handbook of Materials Science and Technology, and The DBS Handbook of Entomology.

On a concluding note…

“India is a developing country—a place of learning where many institutions are opening day by day. We envisage a new world- —a world of knowledge and wisdom—a world of enlightenment where DBS will make the path of distributing books to everyone at every home and to all institutions,” concludes Ahuja.

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