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India’s coal story Author: Subhomoy Bhattacharjee

Publisher: Sage (Pg 264, ISBN 9789386446008, Rs 450) Coal was at the centre of a major political scandal that nearly sent a prime minister to jail. Here’s a one-of-a-kind book that unveils the murky politics around coal-the resource that could provide India all the energy & security it needs. This book is a must-read whether you are a researcher or a general reader.

Of royalty and commoners

Author: B B Dandekar Publisher: Gyan Publishing House (Pg 268, ISBN 9788121213400, Rs 990) Of Royalty and Commoners: This Romance novel is the third novel in the trilogy of novels, and a sequel to Rampaging Lovers and The Thar Articles in this novel, Joshua and Julia are in London, where General Sir Joshua Samuelson is the Military Attache to the Indian High Commission.

Environmental Chemistry: Pollution and Remedial Perspective
Author: AV Salker Publisher: Narosa Publishing House (Pp 312, ISBN: 9788184875935) It covers a wide range of topics and issues such as common air pollutants, water pollution, soil pollution, forest, waste management’s, biogeochemical cycles and ecosystem. The impact of these pollutant and their remedial measures have been sufficiently discussed and importance is given to the quality of air, water, monitoring, controls and remedial measures. The material in this book is presented in a simple and lucid manner so that any science stream person can understand the environmental concepts, role and issues without any difficulty. This book is useful for the students and teacher

Bridge across the rivers

Author: Jasbir Jain and Tripti Jain Publisher: Niyogi Books (Pg 202, ISBN 9789385285738, Rs 395) This collection seeks to debate issues and throw light on discourses other than those of violence and darkness, working with a chronology, located in time. The narratives unfold expectation, hope and harmony, flight and violence, psychological fallouts, gender issues, and questions of guilt and reflection.

Lucknow the city of heritage & culture

Author: Vipul B Varshney Publisher: Niyogi Books (Pg 277, ISBN 9789385285523, Rs 2,500) Lucknow: The City of Heritage and Culture takes us on many journeys through a bygone era, exploring the passions and aesthetics of the people of Awadh. It features over 100 colour photographs and minute architectural drawings that recreate the splendour of Lucknow’s historic monuments.

Combustion: Fundamentals and Application

Author: Amitava Datta Publisher: Narosa Publishing House, New Delhi (ISBN: 978-81-8487-591-1) The book starts with a discussion on fuels and their properties including new and alternative fuels followed by a comprehensive coverage of stoichiometry, thermochemistry, chemical kinetics and transport phenomena to elucidate the basic theory on the subject. Eloquent treatment has been given on combustion phenomena of gaseous, liquid and solid fuels covering detailed analysis and distinct characteristics.

The book goes on to deal with applied topics, like combustion in engines and combustors, pollutant formation in combustion and their mitigation measures and various combustion diagnostic techniques.

Enhance Your Memory

Author: Dr B K Chandra Shekhar Publisher: Teenage Publishers, New Delhi (ISBN 9789385385889, Rs 175) The book features true concept of human memory system, why your desires are not fulfilled, how to realize your dreams and desires, power of the third eye (intellect), how to memorise numerical figures, periodic tables, chemistry, biological terms, historical dates, vocabulary, spellings, name and faces, maps and diagrams, general knowledge etc.

Maping human rights and subalterns in modern India

Author: Jagannatham Begari Publisher: Kalpaz Publications (Pg 305, ISBN 9789351281511, Rs 990) The book “Mapping Human Rights and Subalterns in Modern India” attempts to trace the dynamics of human rights discourse and the rights of subalterns in modern India. It critically evaluates the notion of exclusion of subalterns in modern India from the mainstream social system and the present development model.

Cosmic dance in Stone

Author: Ramu Katakam Publisher: Niyogi Books (Pg 227, ISBN 9789385285547, Rs 3,000) In Cosmic Dance in Stone, there is an attempt to rediscover the quest for eternity and the relationship with the cosmos through the creation of stone structures that give a glimpse of a world beyond this one. The designers, artists, and craftsmen of a bygone age manifested qualities in a building that are rarely seen today.

Contemporary Art North India

Authors: Rajesh Chadha, Nonika Singh, Dr Guneeta Chadha Publisher: Pentagon Press (Pp 202, ISBN 9788182749498) Contemporary Art North India charts the trajectory of modernism in the region, tracing aesthetic influences and history leading up to its contemporary art. The book’s editorial strategy focuses specially on the unique practices of the various artists who live and work in North India, and their aesthetic predecessors, through profiles as opposed to overarching histories that treat oeuvres for their overlaps. This particular approach allows for diversity, bringing attention to individual aesthetics, straying away from tendencies to build a singular narrative for an expansive, though culturally aligned region.

Learning Disability uncover the myths

Author: Amita Bajpai, Meenakshi Dwivedi Publisher: Kalpaz Publications (Pg 269, ISBN 9789351282358, Rs 990) This book is about helping youngsters with learning disabilities hold onto their dreams and about helping their teachers, parents, professionals to know more about the maze of challenges.

The Kashmir Narative

Author: Lt Gen Gautam Banerjee Publisher: Pentagon Press, New Delhi (Pp 100, ISBN 9788182748996, Rs 295) Authored in the context of the current situation in the Kashmir Valley, this monograph delves into deeper nuances of our political failure in building up a potentially stable state, and advocates direct involvement of the Indian polity in clearing up the mess.

Gandhi Global for the new gen

Author: Mahendra Kulasrestha Publisher: Lotus Press (Pg 224, ISBN 9788183823241, Rs 175) An abridged version of Gandhi’s autobiography for the general reader.

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