Environmental Studies


Authors: Prof MP Poonia and SC Sharma
Publisher: Khanna Book Publishing, New Delhi (www.khannabooks.com)
(Pp 394, ISBN 10: 938617309, ISBN 13: 9789386173096, Rs 350)

Pollution poses an alarming threat to the environment & mankind and the environmental degradation all over the globe has become a major concernin the name of modernization resulting in negative impact onthe earth’s eco-system. India has put alert and importance of environment and environmental studies. Educational institutions haveincluded ‘environmental studies’ fulfilling the curriculum with this publication of Environmental Studies.

Environmental Studies publication is a creation of Prof MP Poonia, VC of AICTE, with the support Shri SC Sharma, a distinguished writer in Mechanical Engineering. Prof Poonia, an M Tech (Mech) and Ph D (Thermal Engg) Degrees holder from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, Prof Poonia is a renowned & specialized personality in the areas of Mechanical Engineering (IC Engines, Gas Dynamics, Ref AC), Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development. He possesses vast experience on various fronts.

Covering the syllabi of technical universities and others in diverse disciplines, whether it could be environmental science or ecology or natural resource management, Environmental Studiesis intensely written to bring about knowledge and awareness of all facets of environmental issues among students of different grades. Divided into 23 chapters,each chapter in the book narrates about different environmental concerns and their relative impacts and mitigations. Key lessons inthis book are on eco-system, ecology, forest resource, waste management, social issues and all othersrelated to environment.

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