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Badal Sircar
search for a language of theatre
Author: Kirti Jain
Publisher: Niyogi Books
(Pg 460, ISBN 9789383098965, Rs 595)

This book, through memoirs, interviews, essays, dialogues, reviews and notes by directors, traces the life and theatre of this iconic but lonely figure, from different viewpoints, piecing together his relentless creative journey of more than six decades.

How to be fit and young
Author: Sam Pitt
Publisher: Lotus Press Publications, (Pg 166, ISBN 9788183823395, Rs 175)

This book should prove to be highly useful for all the readers, young and old. It is the best guide for everybody who wants to remain fit and young.

Indian Epigraphy
Author: D C Sircar
Publisher: Motilal Banarasidas
(Pg 475, ISBN 9788120841031, Rs 750)

The present book is an authoritative and authentic source of the study of Indian Coins. It not only describes the coins but also studies them critically in all their aspects.

Rajasthani Stories Retold
Author: Rima Hooja
Publisher: Niyogi Books
(Pg 179, ISBN 9789385285660, Rs 350)

This book brings to its readers a collection of short stories from Rajasthan. These are based on real people and events, but are somewhat fictionalised in the narration.

Disney Cars 3: Sticker Scenes
Publisher: Parragon Books
(ISBN 978-1-4748-7205-8, Rs 195)

Join Lightning McQueen and his friends for some high-speed adventures! Complete each action-packed scene with your stickers. The book has over 40 stickers, including 2 collectible trading cards.

The flaming tresses of draupadi
Author: M Veerappa Moily
Publisher: Rupa Publications India Pvt Ltd
(Pg 265, ISBN 9788129145345, Rs 265)

In this epic poem of hatred, love, victory and deveat, Draupadi emerges as a strong female character who ultimately brings to retribution all those who had done injustice to her.

Changing status of women in Central Asia
A Comparative Study of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan
Author: Mukta Tanwar
Publisher: Gyan Publishing House
(Pg 179, ISBN 9788121213448, Rs 573)

The present book critically observes the status of women in Central Asia after 1990’s. The effects of Soviet legacy in the present context are also analyzed at extent.

Conceptual design of bridges
Author: Xiang Haifan
Publisher: S K Kataria & Sons
(Pg 532, ISBN 9789350145838, Rs 995)

This book explains the basic principles of the concept of bridge design, through analyzing domestic and foreign examples of how to establish innovative ideas in the conceptual design.

History of medieval india
Author: J L Mehta,
Sarita Mehta
Publisher: Lotus Press
(Pg 957, ISBN 9788183823050, Rs 495)

This book gives a comprehensive, analytical and critical account of the political and military history of medieval India. This age of Indian history was marked by the onslaught of Turkish invasions and the establishment of Muslim rule in northern India, first at Lahore and then at Delhi.

Structured Query language for all rdbms and pl/sql
Author: Kriti Sinha
Publisher: Kalpaz Publications
(Pg 320, ISBN 9789351282013, Rs 450)

This book is in-depth treatment of the SQL language for both technical and non-technical users, programmers, IT Professionals or engineering students, who wants to do Oracle certification and want to understand the impact of SQL in computer market.

Devdasis in South India a journey from Sacred to a profane spaces
Author: S Jeevanandam, Rekha Pande
Publisher: Kalpaz Publications
(Pg 322, ISBN 9789351282105, Rs 1225)

This book traces the gradual transition of the devadasi system from the early medieval to the modern society from sacred to profane spaces. This book would be a very valuable resource for students and researchers of History, Women’s history, Women’s studies and Religion.

Dalit Men’s Autobiographies a critical appraisal
Author: Bijender Singh
Publisher: Kalpaz Publications
(Pg 276, ISBN 9789351282402, Rs 990)

Dalit Men’s Autobiographies: A Critical Appraisal, an antholoty of twenty-four research papers, is an unprecedented scholarly enterprise, by renowned literary scholars and dignitaries in the area of literature of marginality and subalternity in the context of the Indian subcontinent

Global Terrorism: Challenges and Policy Options
Authors: Maj Gen Dhruv Katoch, Shakti Sinha
Publisher: Pentagon Press
(ISBN: 9788182749504, Rs 750)

The second edition of the Counter Terrorism Conference, organized by the Government of Rajasthan and the India Foundation, brought together a galaxy of political and thought leaders from across the world. This book is a compendium of the proceedings which took place in that conference and includes the views of illustrious personalities.

Human rights regime dialogic and debates
Author: Pratyush Vatsala
Publisher: Gyan Publishing House
(Pg 296, ISBN 9788121213103, Rs 990)

The book analyses different aspects of Human Rights Regime which has expanded its universe to new horizons and new paradigms overshadowing the existing world order and international politics.

Helpline for stressed parents
Author: Eric Belle
Publisher: Lotus Press
(Pg 190, ISBN 9788183823388, Rs 175)

The very purpose of this book is to serve as a helpline for stressed patients and all other people who are undergoing or about to fall into the menace of tension or stress.

Ayurvedic panchkarma and yoga
Author: Dr Mukesh D Jain
Publisher: Abhinav Publications
(Pg 137, ISBN 8170174538, Rs 450)

Panchkarma is Ayurveda’s most popular therapy. The present book is based on the author’s 30 years of clinical practice with this unique treatment modality to eliminate the subtle vitiated Doshas from the body cells.

The shortlist
Author: Maya Kavita
Publisher: Tara India Research Press
(Pg 333, ISBN 9788183861373, Rs 299)

Four female executives are on Trans-Geo Tech’s shortlist to be the next CEO. The same women are also on one man’s shortlist to be killed. This is a classic clash between good and evil.

Textbook of food and nutrition
Author: Meenu Grover
Publisher: Lotus Press
(Pg 272, ISBN 9788183823401, Rs 275)

The present excellent work on the subject is authored by a well known authority who has studied it, as well as teaches at a university. It will supply one with important information about eating healthier and control diet intakes and nutrition. It is an invaluable addition to the libraries of foods the world over, service professionals and chefs and students of ordinary skills.

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