Author: LT Col Inderjit Singh
Publisher: KW Publishers Pvt Ltd
(Pp 149, ISBN 978-93-86288-18-9, Rs 380)

Written by Lt Col Inderjit Singh, a grenadier, the book is a guide for new-coming youngsters in to the army as to how to deal with orders given by superiors.

The book is written in three discrete parts, which exhibit successful strikes on the enemies supply channels, before the main war.

The book speculates a detailed story of the main battle which was thrust on the battalion to fight. The author also sheds light on the complications which came while following an array of impossible directives given to the army personnel fighting on the field and how it becomes difficult to keep young battalions motivated and zealous for a successful war.

The book is a perfect literary piece which every aspiring soldier should go through for a better understanding of the life of a soldier.

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