The Tree with a Thousand Apples


Author: Sanchit Gupta
Publisher: Niyogi Books, New Delhi
(ISBN 9385285513, Rs 350)

Here’s a story how three different lives struggled to save ‘Kashmiriyat’ amidst two opposite forces. Inspired by real life stories and experiences, the story revolves round the three Kashmiri childhood friends viz. Malik, Deewan Bhat, and Bilal Ahanagar who are born and partially brought up in an tranquility and serene atmosphere of Srinagar, Kashmir until the night of 20 January 1990, which changes it all.

As the story follows, the dark shadows of terrorism and counter-terrorism forces Deewan and his family are driven out of the valley while Bilal and Safeena, being Muslims, have to face brazen atrocities in the name of counter-terrorism with fake encounters and ruthless military drills.

The book is so engrossing one that readers can’t put it down unless finished reading.

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