Nine Direction Nine Hundred Miles


Author: D.H Rajan
Publisher: Unistar Books Pvt Ltd
(Pp 368, ISBN 8189899201, Rs 495)

Here’s a mysterious book, which is full of thrill, where the protagonist Deepak Kanchan keeps changing his vice, who is addicted to gambling and infidelity. Sonali, wife of Deepak, catches him red handed while chilling out with her neighbor Shelly. Ashamed of his deeds, Deepak leaves house and disappears into thin air. Adding more climaxes to the story, the same night, a triple murder was commited in Mumbai and the police found Deepak’s finger prints at the crime scene. As the story forwards, more interesting cast get into the story making it meaty and entertaining, revolving around Deepak and Sonali.

As Sonali continues her life ahead, she encounters Keith Johnson, an affluent man from Bangalore. He totally baffles Sonali by showing an utter confidence by proposing her, however Sonali on the other hand fall in paradox if he was the same Deepak who has approached her again after being disguised. Was he the same guy to whom he knotted years before? If he is not then who was he?

The tale is so gripping that you will not put it down before you know what happens in the end. A well-woven thriller for all!

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