International Publishers Congress 2018 to be held in India


The 2018 International Publishers Congress will be hosted by Indian member, the Federation of Indian Publishers (FIP), in New Delhi, in association with the International Publishers Association (IPA).

The 2018 IPA Congress will be held in the plush Taj Palace Hotel, from February 11-13, 2018, with around 900 delegates in attendance. This is the second time the Federation of Indian Publishers (FIP) has assumed responsibility for the now biennial congress, having first staged it in 1992.

The theme…

The theme of the congress is ‘Shaping the Future Innovation Meets Experience,’ where experts will present, question, debate, analyze—and finally emerge with a new set of perspectives, ideas and takeaways that will help us reimagine the publishing landscape.

The topics will include Copyright, Freedom To Publish, Children Publishing, Educational Publishing, Digital and Print, Library Movement, Self Publishing, STM Publishing, Asia as a Market and India as a Market. Other features will include Quickfire Presentations, Fixed Book Price, Rights Trading, Licensing, Outsourcing Publishing and IT Services and Emerging Technologies in Publishing.

All Congress sessions will be interpreted in the official languages: English, German, French, Spanish along with Hindi for the benefit of the participants.

On February 14, participants will be taken on an excursion to Agra.

Why India?

Modern India is a world publishing powerhouse built on a rich literary tradition. Books are published in 21 local languages, including English, which remains the language of higher education.

The Indian book market is the sixth largest in the world and the second largest for English language books. In an era where digital disruption permeates all businesses globally and calls for swift recalibration and innovation, India presents a unique opportunity to the world. It is the top market for mobile data usage where the use of technology is increasing exponentially every day. A combination of India’s rich experience in large-scale publishing as well as the widespread use of technology makes it a huge potential beta market for innovation in the publishing and printing industry. A melting pot of cuisines, lifestyles and culture, India also provides an opportunity to the delegates to experience its rich and vibrant amalgam of history and modernism. This closely resonates with the fast changing global publishing landscape. It is a unique blend of futuristic opportunities and stands on the foundation of sincere dedication towards learning, reading and education. IPA Congress will be a potent combination of intellectual stimulation as well as an immersive experience which will surely invigorate your visual, auditory and aesthetic faculties.

About IPA

Since the first IPA Congress was held in 1896, in Paris, the event has attracted the world’s leading publishers. Today it continues to offer a vital platform for publishers to discuss the industry’s most important challenges, network and learn.

About the organisers

The Federation of Indian Publishers (FIP) is the representative body of publishers in English, Hindi and other Indian languages. With members draw from all over, FIP represents more than 80 percent of the publishing industry. All the leading publishers are its direct members and other publishers are represented through various local associations. The main objectives of the Federation are: to promote professionalism in the publishing industry and to promote harmonious author-publisher relationships, besides promoting free flow of literature among countries. It also aims to promote networking among the publishers and to uphold copyright for authors & publishers in order to encourage creativity. Make India a book reading society is always a priority with them.

While, International Publishers Association (IPA) is a global alliance of publishers with more than 60 members from over 50 countries. IPA is an accredited non-governmental organisation, enjoying consultative relation with the United Nations. Through its members, IPA represents thousands of individual publishers around the world who service markets containing more than 5.6 billon people. Based in Geneva, Switzerland, IPA represents of the publishing industry in international forum and wherever publishers interests are at stake. IPA was founded in 1896 in Paris by the leading publishers at the time. Its initial aim was to ensure that countries throughout the world showed respect for copyright, and properly implemented the (then) new international copyright treaty, the ‘Berne Convention for the protection of literary and artistic works’. And today, the promotion and defence of copyright is still one of IPA’s main objectives.

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