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The yoga eternal way to health How to Follow Your Inner Guidance and Nurture Children to do the Same
Author: Shakta Khalsa
Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass
(ISBN 9788193264317, Rs 495)
In this wise and important book, Shakta Khalsa offers teachings and yoga practices that help us in becoming a true mirror for our children’s goodness and allow them to fully inhabit their aliveness and spirit.

The Mysteries of Modern Relation
Author: Atul Kumar Pandey
Publisher: Kalpaz Publications
(Pg 123, ISBN 9789351280927, Rs 120)
This book is based on the ethos and spirit of culture, custom, tradition and moral values of human being. The patriotic fervour explores new avenues to give it a new dimension.

Ayurvedic Curative Cuisines for Everyone
Author: Dr Light Miller
Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass
(ISBN 9788193264324, Rs 650)
Within this book you will find information on food history, certain foods for specific conditions, preventive foods, food combining, food energetics, tastes, body types, what foods go well together, and what body systems are affected. This cookbook was designed in such a way that anyone in the Western world can keep themselves and their families healthy without having to study Ayurveda.

Woman Know Thyself – Law Relating to Women in India
Authors: Dr Justice Sangita Dhingra Sehgal & Hasan Khurshid
Publisher: Universal Law Publishing, Delhi
(ISBN 9789351438380, Rs 595)
The authors have tried hard to instill confidence in women by highlighting women’s dignity in historical perspective; their social and economic status in the past and the present; suggesting solutions to avert the problems faced by the women such as female foeticide; rape and molestation; impact of violent media on women’s safety; honour killing; live-in relationship; kidnapping & abduction; acid attacks on women and other aspects of their physical and emotional security.

One small step can change your life
Author: Joginder Singh
Publisher: Niyogi Books
(Pg 208, ISBN 9789352616169, Rs 150)
The tips in this book will help you to live your life fully and magnificently. A must read book for everyone on new discoveries and approaches in life, and how to be confident in public life.

Human nature and human development
Author: Krishna Raj, Maithreyi
Publisher: Kalpaz Publications
(Pg 179, ISBN 9789351282228, Rs 720)
The book looks at diffrent perspectives by different disciplines like Biology, Psychology and Philosophy for answers to the questions that have intrigued us; where are we, what are we, why are we here.

Flora of the southern western ghats and palnis
Author: Pippa Mukherjee
Publisher: Niyogi Books
(Pg 488, ISBN 9789385285172, Rs 1,250)
A comprehensive field guide, this book records about 200 species of trees, herbs, shrubs and climbers, found in the Southern Western Ghats as well and the upper Palni plateau.

Semiotics of Oggu Katha
Author: Dr N Jnaneshwara Bhikshu
Publisher: Index International
(Pg 143, ISBN 9788192773957, Rs 795)
This book deals with the theatrical study of Oggu Katha, a folk narrative theatre form of the pastoral community Telangana. It details the progression of the performance negotiating various elements of grammar of Theatre.

The Thar Articles
Author: BB Dandekar
Publisher: Gyan Publishing House
(Pg 248, ISBN 9788121213417, Rs 980)
It is a literary novel that explores, with unabashed candor, love, intimacy, honor and trust between husband and wife, for the marriage to succeed – as well as treachery, betrayal and revenge, in the brutal abyss of international espionage, that threaten to tear it apart.

Sex Trafficking in South Asia with a special focus on India
Author: Rekha Pandey
Publisher: Kalpaz Publications
(Pg 250, ISBN 9789351282150, Rs 900)
The book examines this issue from a gender perspective and analyses three agents in this issue namely the victims, the police, the Non-Government Organisations (NGO’s) and Community Based Organisations (CBO’s).

The Ramayana in Bengali folk paintings
Author: Mandakranta Bose
Publisher: Niyogi Books
(Pg 139, ISBN 9789385285554, Rs 795)
The vividly colourful images presented in this book occupy a special niche in the history of Indian art, remarkable because they are not only visual objects but narrative expositions of a text that has been part of the lives of vast numbers of the Indian people and often their source of moral guidance.

The upanisads A study of the original texts
Author: N Jayashanmugam
Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass
(Pg 412, ISBN 9788120840669, Rs 700)
The Upanisads: A Study of the Original Texts is intended to offer a new perspective to the study of the Upanisads. It will be surely helpful to all students of Indian Philosophy, particularly those studying the texts of the Upanisads. It contains valuable information and insights not obtainable from the current literature on the subject.

Complete book of yoga
Author: Dr Deepika M Sharma, Dr Rajeev Sharma
Publisher: Lotus Press
(Pg 481, ISBN 8183821960, Rs 180)
Written in simple language so that the common man can understand the methods and can benefit. Besides regular yogic exercises, there are simple exercises also which can be practised any time like laughing, palming, accu-massage etc.

How a good person become a successful winner
Author: Shashikant ‘Sadaiv’
Publisher: Diamond Pocket Books (P) Ltd.
(Pg 215, ISBN 9789352616053, Rs 150)
This book introduces the readers to new possibilities and novel strategies for guiding their positive effort towards success. In order to achieve results, it is important to channelize our energy positively and in the right direction.

Road Ecological Engineering
Author: Lin Caikui, Zhou Xiaohang, Xia Zhenjum
Publisher: SK Kataria & Sons
(Pg 352, ISBN 9789350145821, Rs 695)
From the perspective of focusing on the harmony and unity between human being and the nature, this book comprehensively, systematically expounds the principle and application of road ecological engineering. This book can be used by the technical personnel and management personnel engaged in highway bridge construction or relevant personnel engaged in environmental protection as reference.

The unheard predicament Social and legal perspective on women and child rights
Author: Aishwarya Chaturvedi
Publisher: Kalpaz Publications
(Pg 163, ISBN 9789351282396, Rs 190)
What are the problems faced by women and children in our country? Do women and children get their due rights? Is there something we can do? The Unheard Prodicament is a series of reflections on these questions. It is an attempt to find solutions to social and legal problems faced by women and children in our country, in a pre-emptive way by drawing on various disciplines ranging from law to philosophy to sociology, and psychology.

Indian philosophy of Nada and its vocal applications
Author: Justice BS Raikote
Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass
(Pg 481, ISBN 9788120836914, Rs 695)
This book also highlights musical, linguistic, aesthetic and mystic applications of nada. It is hoped that both general readers and research scholars will enjoy and appreciate it.

Saviours and fools
Author: James Rinaldi
Publisher: Pentagon Press
(Pg 251, ISBN 9788182749221, Rs 895)
Saviours and Fools is a wild and insightful journey through the personal adventures, failures, intrigue and politics behind the struggle to give Tibetans a voice in their future. Jim Rinaldi’s self-reflecting confessional begs us all the begin a conversation that is long overdue.

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