108 Vishnu Temples


Architectural Splendor, Spiritual Bliss
Author: Avey Varghese; Publisher: Niyogi Books
(Pp 520, ISBN 978-93-85285-37-0, Rs 2000)

One look at the book and you are bound to pick it up. The book is a complete package that is interesting, useful and informative. The photographs showcase not only the deities in the temples, but also the sculptures, paintings and architecture inside the Divya Desams. This pictorial journey into ancient architecture and the art of temple construction and sculpture with interesting trivia, is sure to take your breath away.

Beautifully produced, the book is a treat for the eyes. Every page is adorned with a beautiful picture of the temple, with wholesome information on the temples’ history, architectural brilliance, art forms, rituals, beliefs and landscapes. The temple legend, deity positions and other significant mythical specifications are also built into the text.

The book is aimed at connoisseurs of art, architecture and literature and will be cherished by adults as well as children, who wish to know more about our religious past.

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