Gardening in Urban India With practical projects for small spaces


Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Publishing Pvt Ltd, New Delhi
(Pp 224, ISBN 978-0-2412-6430-0, Rs 999)

Aimed at the city dweller with little or no space for gardening, Gardening in Urban India will equip readers with important practical know-how while helping them understand their local environment better. Whether it is a small patio, large balcony, or a neglected verandah, this book packs in innovative ways to create a green oasis in urban homes. From step-by-step creative DIY projects, to easy growing techniques, to a detailed plant catalogue on the local plants, this book brings craft into the garden and plants into every home.

Nothing speaks more of tranquility and peace than a patch of lush greenery and colorful flowers, however big or small. But with urban living spaces shrinking, it seems like a distant dream. However, with a little touch of creativity, one can transform the tiniest of spaces into our own little personal garden. That’s what the book is all about.

It is a go-to-guide for city dwellers who want to develop their own patch of garden.

From explaining the basics of gardening to creative doit- yourself projects, the book covers everything an urban gardener would like to know.

The book is divided into six major sections – assess your environment, garden essentials, transform your space, garden projects, caring for your plants and plant directory. Written in an easy-to-understand language and format, the book equips the reader with practicalknow-how.The beautiful pictures and step-by-step approach are soothing to the eyes and motivate the reader to pick up gardening gloves and shovels and simply ‘go green.’

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