Yama’s Lieutenant


Author: Anuja Chandramouli
Publisher: Penguin India

Have you ever thought about what really happens after death? Taking us on a tour around Yama, God of Death’s world is the Anuja Chandramouli in her book “Yama’s Lieutenant.’ The book creates an invisible link between the mortal and immortal world. Agni, a young and carefree youth, is chosen as the saviour of Yama’s bride who is being chased down by the seven vices and their formless accomplice.

As challenging as the mission appears, it is also about Agni also faces his personal demons and losses that are invariably linked to the mission. He loses his twin sister to these evil immortals who have escaped from Yama’s prison. They are also on a mission to hunt down Agni.

On the onset, Anuja’s book seems to be a simple Good vs. Evil story. But the multi-layered story keeps the reader glued to the book. For instance, even immortals are not free from the clutches of jealousies, broken relationships and family disputes. Also, Anuja gives a horrid picture of the punishments meted out to those who are sent to the hell. The author has also contrasted the co-existence of extreme vileness and purity. The latter comes out in the form of a chaste kanya gurukul that exists in today’s world without being noticed.

The characters in the book have been thoughtfully created. Some of them are Varuna, Agni’s twin who is shrouded in mystery throughout the book. Minothi, a kanya from the gurukul, is vested with immense powers that she was never aware of. And also, there is Varuna’s manuscript that unfolds the story of Yama and his personal feuds.

Despite taking up a character like Yama, Anuja has managed to keep the plot detailed and interesting. An ideal read wherein you never realise when fantasy, mythology and reality really juxtaposed each other.

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