100 Events that Made Indian History


Author: Anita Roy, Publisher: Dorling
Kindersley Publishing Pvt Ltd, New Delhi
(Pp 128, ISBN 978-0-2412-7101-8, Rs 399)

A lively read to ignite young minds, 100 Events that Made Indian History takes readers through India’s most incredible historical moments. Though not easy to zero in on 100 moments that shaped India’s history, Anita Roy has segregated the events into four parts – social firsts, battles and bust-ups, all change, and amazing achievements.

Written in a child-friendly way, the book informs but steers clear from being preachy. Beautiful illustrations support every achievement recorded in the book, and there’s not a single dull page. Every page clamours to better the last, with interesting information and attractive visuals. A must-have for every child!

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