Putting a monetized cap on your online content


Taking an indispensable need of the hour of monetizing the online content, ICDL 2016 hosted a line of reputed speakers to throw light on the ‘Monetization’ aspects of online content accessibility. The event was held in the New Delhi on December 14 and was partnered by American Chemical Authority. The event was presided by NK Mehra, president of Narosa publisher and co-chaired by the DGM of DLF Ltd, India – Praveen K Chowdhry. Other panelists included Kailash Balani, Dhruv Nath, Garima Babbar, Sushmita Chakroborty and Dhruv Nath.

Brandon Nordin, the senior vice president of sales and marketing and digital strategist at ACS Publication USA, highlighted the essence of ‘Monetization’ needs and how to maintain a happy and profitable content publication business forms. Moving ahead, Kailash Balani, the managing director of Aditya Books Pvt Ltd. focused on the users’ side, the ones who are the prime consumers of this digitalized mode of publication. He talked about ‘User generated information’ hosted by sites like Facebook and Linkedin. He also mentioned ‘Pay per Click’ as the most important advertisement tool amidst this content publication business. Professor cum mentor for all starting up entrepreneurs – Dhruv Nath – summed up the talk. Lastly, Susmita Chakraborty enlightened the essence of ‘value addition’ in the contemporary educational system.

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