Adult colouring books from Dreamland


Colouring – this simple activity that may well be something almost everyone remembers fondly from one’s childhood. This activity is now resurfacing as a trend as adults are coming to love, and Adult Colouring Books find themselves on more and more bestsellers’ lists throughout the world. These books are not only a fun way to relax but also helping people reduce stress and boost their mental clarity.

Dreamland Publications have come up with the following Adult Colouring Books’ titles: ‘Rejuvenate Yourself’, ‘Refreshing Mandala’, ‘Extreme Copy Colour’, ‘Mysteries Colouring’, and ‘Creative Doodle Colouring’. These books offer an escape to a world of inspiration and artistic fulfilment and provide hours of fun, making the person forget his/her worries and feel relaxed.

These creative colouring books unwind and unleash one’s inner creativity. The beautiful patterns and designs are printed on a single page with the reverse left blank so the colours do not bleed through. They are perfect whether you chose to colour with coloured pencils, sketch pens or water colours.

Colouring, the gentle activity replaces negative thoughts, helps the brain to focus on the present and achieve mindfulness. So let’s take a few minutes out from your day, wherever you are, pick your brushes or colour pencils/pens and get started to colour your way to peace and calm.

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