Ricoh digital printing system for books on demand


Short-run book printing is one of the segments that has opened up, broader than ever, after the advent of digital printing. “When we started our business in 2000 there were little that we knew about what digital printing could do in the market. Today, we have a feeling that what else digital presses couldn’t do,” remarks R Babu, founder, Netways Prints. All these possibilities that digital presses brought to Netways Prints was through RICOH. “Of course, RICOH machines have opened up every possible aspect we have garnered in our business till date,” says R Babu. \

Though Netways Prints started their business with mere adoptions of a couple of entry-level digital printing machines. Today, the production facility of the company is fully equipped with four high-end RICOH production machines, namely, RICOH 907, RICOH 651, RICOH 8100 and RICOH 5100. “We have been working for a number of different clients in varied industrial and market segments; but our main forte in this is the book publishers, for them we provide short-run productions,” mentions R Babu.

The next machine, according to R Babu, in their RICOH-dominated infrastructure will be just another RICOH production system they are planning to adopt sooner than later.

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