Making publishing industry dynamic!

Digital publishing is changing the publishing industry, making it more dynamic, adding a new dimension to the printed books. The core remains the same – content – the delivery channels have multiplied. Content can be accessed on multiple devices – right from a hand-held mobile phone to desktop, not to forget the tablets and e-readers in between.

It is making strong inroads into the education segment, which is the early adopter of technology. Schools and universities are increasingly looking at digital products, which can be a great learning tool. Many university libraries are buying more e-books than printed ones.

Content-delivery platforms are enabling personalised and adaptive learning pathways while supporting collaboration. Both teachers and students are appreciating this new dynamic way of learning. Hence, publishers engaged in school books, STM, etc are either investing in this segment or using the professional services of companies providing such services.

Even children’s book publishers are looking at apps and other dynamic content to entice the young minds. It has opened up a new area for them. E-books are becoming more interactive and new features are added every now and then. In all, the publishing industry has become more tech-driven.

But there’s more the technology can do…it will evolve to provide robust analytics for digital-learning outcomes and data-driven support for publishers. This will help publishers in reverse integration – helping them to redesign their content, suited to the end-users.

Besides, we cannot undermine the use of Augented Reality (AR) techniques in publishing. The ‘Pokemon Go’ craze cannot be just limited to games. It can engage learners while using EPub for accessibility, which can open up a perfect landscape to facilitate digital and classroom learning through LMS (Learning Management System) implementation.

The industry is changing and the future looks very promising…there’s a lot the industry can gain from this technology revolution.

Happy publishing!

Sonal Khurana

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