A Leap in a Blue Moon


Author: Ishwar Vedam
Publisher: The Bookmaster, DS Publishers India, New Delhi
(Pp 189, ISBN 9788180232022, Rs 150)

As a child, many of us would have struggled with idioms. What if the idioms are the only way to survive and get back home? Well, that’s the book all about. The character Nidhi Sharma hates English, especially idioms, because the literal meaning is so different from the actual one. But, she is proved wrong when she takes a leap in the dark on a night of a blue moon, and finds herself in a place called Graria, where happenings violate common sense. Infact, all the characters and events seem to tumble out of the dictionary of idioms, which she hates. The only way Nidhi can go home is to understand the rules of the game.

Tightly and intricately woven, the book keeps you guessing what happens next. The author’s portrayal of the little girl is very convincing – her emotions, way of thinking and her problem-solving capabilities – all are written so well. A few illustrations here and there will make young readers look for more.

What’s more? By the end of the book, readers will know and remember many idioms as well. The book will be liked by both children and adults.

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