Keep Eating Keep Losing Weight-Loss Secrets


Author: Claudia Ciesla
Publisher: Om Books International, New Delhi
(Pp 218, ISBN 9789385273933 Rs 195)

One can’t help but picking up the book – Keep Eating Keep Losing as the title of the book is so tempting. Who doesn’t want to eat and yet maintain the perfect figure and weight? Written by model and actress Claudia Ciesla, the book teaches us how to make healthy living an integral part of our life without taking the fun out of it.

Claudia takes readers on her on own journey wherein her busy schedules and unhealthy eating habits landed her in hospital. It was then that she realised the value of healthy eating. With dietary changes and regular exercise regimen, she succeeded in getting the right weight.

The book presents a holistic strategy drawn to reorganise our life by making good health an important goal. It shows us how the right blend of healthy eating, exercise and rest can help us stay in shape. With easy-to-follow tips, the book also provides healthy recipes to pamper your taste buds. Written in an n easy-to-follow manner, the book will be helpful to all those who are trying to lose weight or struggling to maintain it.

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