Glitter and Gloss


Author: Vibha Batra
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing India, New Delhi
(Pp 183, ISBN: 97893859364, Rs 199)

This romantic comedy revolves around the protagonist Misha, a makeup artist, who after a series of twists and turns falls in love with Akki, a model whom she frequently associates in fashion weeks.

Despite being a dark horse, Akki passionately responds to her love; but the hindrance that comes between them is his Didi, would be sister-in-law of Misha. Ever since both the parents of Akki had passed away, Didi was in search of a dignified and homely bahu, which she thinks geeky, gawky and gainfully employed Misha wouldn’t fit. But the question here is will Misha be able to win Didi over this khandaani bahu brigade?

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