Book Vision – June July 16


State failure and human miseries

Author: M Raghavan
Publisher: Gyan Books Pvt Ltd
(Pg 304, ISBN 9789351281689, Rs 990)

Despite being an original work, this book is expected to be highly useful for postgraduate teachers of British economic history as a reference text; for general readers to have a comprehensive view of the subject under study; and for new generation students to identify easily verifiable topics for further research, not necessarily of famine alone.

Redesigning higher technical education to meet national aspirations

Author: Chandan Tilak Bhunia
Publisher: Kalpaz Publications
(Pg 100, ISBN 9789351281368, Rs 360)

It is firmly believed that reshaping and redesigning of Technical Higher Education in India is of paramount importance for making “New India”. In this context, this book proposes a few innovative solutions for making Technical Higher Education purposeful, meaningful and deliverable for the country. Main emphasizes are given on- “Redesigning Syllabus”, “Reformatting Examination System”, “Innovations in Faculty Recruitment Scheme” and “Innovation in changing mindset of the students”.

Corporate Governance and Social Responsibilities

Author: HC Mruthyunjaya
Publisher: Kalpaz Publications
(Pg 456, ISBN 9789351281092, Rs 1,490)

This book is designed to support shop-floor executives and practicing professionals who are willing to check and strengthen their skills in designing good governance mechanisms, effective implementation schemes and in fine-tuning as may become necessary. The book would also serve as good reading materials for management students.

Leaders & Ladders

Authors: Rakesh K Jain & Preeti Gupta
Publisher: Diamond Books
(Pg 323, ISBN 9789352610532, Rs 350)

The author has mainly discussed the most important resource of organisation building, i.e. people in this book. He has divided the book into organisation building concepts, people development concepts, efficiency/productivity related concepts and growth related concepts.

Socioeconomic Injustices: Pakistan in Whirlpool

Author: Waqas Ahmad Saad
Publisher: Kalpaz Publications
(Pg 280, ISBN 9789351281467, Rs 900)

Socioeconomic Injustices: Pakistan in Whirlpool is a detail discussion about ongoing, widespread and deep-rooted injustices and discriminations on a massive fraction of the population imposed by the ruling elite of the country. The young and energetic author shared his different experiences as well for the provision of a true picture of modernday Pakistan. He described the economic imbalances and other systematic failures of the state and their repercussions alongside the institutional collisions in a realistic way for the understanding of the readers.

Guru of None, Disciple of All (The Life & Times of Dada JP Vaswani)

Author: Anita Raina Thapan
Publisher: Gita Publishing House
(Pg 338, ISBN 9789384544751, Rs 399)

To read JP Vaswani’s lfe story is to understand the tremendous transformative power of love. The unusal upbringing of the exceptionaly gifted young boy and his quest that leads to encounters with personalities normally hiden from public view make for a compelling read.

Land, People and Power: An Anthropological Study of Emerging Mega City of New Town – Jajarhat

Authors: Kakali Chakrabarty, Krishna Mandal, Janak Kumari Srivastava, Sudhansu Gangopadhyay, Asok Kumar Mukhopadhyay, Sumitabh Chakraborty, Rapti Pan & KM Sinha Roy
(Pg 440, ISBN 9788121212588, Rs 960)

In the last couple of years, India witnessed strong peasant unrest over the issue of land acquisition. West Bengal also came in the news headlines over the issue. Acquisition of land, particularly of wet land, including fertile cultivable land for various projects, often ousted poor peasants from their livelihood. Rajarhat is one such area where thousands of hectares of wet land and agricultural land have been acquisitioned to develop a mega city. People protested but their voice was ruthlessly shattered.

Against the state power, they could not succeed. Anthropological Survey of India (ASI) probed into the situation from purely academic point of view and came out with untod truth – the saga of land losers.

Violation of Human Rights

Authors: Prof BK Panda & Dr Sukanta Sarkar
Publisher: Kalpaz Publications
(Pg 331, ISBN 9789351281597, Rs 1050)

Human rights are rights inherent to all human beings, whatever our nationality, place of residence, sex, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, language, or any other status.

The book will be beneficial to all concerned of the society, in general and students, lawyers, advocates, academicians, human rights institutions, researchers and NGOs working in human rights field, in particular.

Miracle: An Exotic Wonder

Author: Aakash V Shivach
Publisher: GenNext Publications
(Pg 366, ISBN 9789380222806, Rs 290)

This book is all about a world of wonder where humanity is the basis of ‘soul worship’ for all persons who persist in this world and in this story. This moving text consists of humanitarian ethics, bond of friendship, a beautifully decorated romantically designed love story of two loving buds

KidNey: A Drop in the Backdrop of Swachchh Bharat Abhiyaan

Author: RK Raj
Publisher: GenNext Publications
(Pg 346, ISBN 9789380222646, Rs 290)

A close watch and keen observations enabled RK Raj to write this novel. He drew his inspirations to pen down this story when he witnessed a ragpicker searching food in the garbage of a colony around midnight.

Brain-Ticklers in Mathematics

Author: Priya Malhotra
Publisher: Lotus Press
(Pg 215, ISBN 9788183822169, Rs 125)

Mathematics has its own world and with the help of quizzes you can gain entry into this wonderful world, provided you show enough familiarity with its whereabouts. This book deals with some interesting questions and fascinating facts.

If handled properly, it can be leanrt quite easily as well as delightfully. With this book, it is sure that you will never have a dull moment with fascinating facts, interesting information and tantalising trivia.

The Arts of Kerala Kshetram

Author: Kapila Vatsyayan
Publishers: Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts (IGNCA) & Gyan Publishing House
(Pg 84, ISBN 9788121213141, Rs 250)

In her continuing quest, reaffirming the vision of India as an organic whole, Dr Kapila Vatsyayan approaches the arts of Kerala, both in their distinctive qualities and holistic dimension, which ideally represent the dynamics of Indian cultural processes. This monograph – based on the inaugural Parikshit Memorial Lecture delivered by Dr Vatsyayan at the Government Sanskrit College, Tripunithura, in August 1988, now reprinted – has been commended by many as remarkably rich in the variety of art forms it covers and the directions for future research it offers in the area.

India’s Unique Transformation Programme

Author: Jasveer Singh
Publisher: Kalpaz Publications
(Pg 160, ISBN 9789351281221, Rs 460)

This book presents, after a brief introduction, a critical, factual analysis of the prevailing situation in India with an insight about the reasons and causes of the difficult living conditions of majority of people in spite of the availability of plenty of resources in India – both natural resources and talented human resources. Then, a magnificent vision for the nation and all the population is presented – moving India in the top 10 of the UN Human Development Index from the current 135th position within about 5 to 8 years.

Jungle Rabha Masks and Masked Dance

Author: Sabita Ranjan Sarkar
Publishers: Gyan Publishing House & Indira Gandhi Rastriya Manav Sangrahalaya
(Pg 208, ISBN 9788121213066, Rs 650)

The book is based on extensive fieldwork among the forest dwelling Rabhas of North Bengal conducted in 1982 and 1983 during the collection of their traditional cultural artifacts (ethnographic object) as the museum specimens.

Among the collected specimens, masks are considered as one of the significant cultural elements of the forest dwelling Rabhas. But there is hardly any written record about them. Therefore, the study on the Rabha masks and the masked dance was taken up from anthropological perspective to carry out further research on them in future.

Boundless horizons

Author: Ravindra Garimella
Publishers: Pigeon Books India
(Pg 161, ISBN 9789384401746, Rs 160)

In his several travels tha author has occasion to strike acquaintances with interesting people sometimes perfect strangers, coming from different social backgrounds. His travels which propitiously included visit to some pristine natural locales and the interactions with people have also been very insightfully included in the book.

It was these contributory factors which have inspired him to write. He felt like penning his thoughts in the form of stories dwelling on the beautiful and emotional human relations stressing upon the immense power of nature and the driving force of a positive mindset.

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