Personality De velopment and Soft Skills


Author: Barun K Mitra,
Publishers: Oxford University Press,
(Pp 255, ISBN 9780199459742, Rs 325)

Personality Development and Soft Skills is a good read for all young aspirants from any field, who are all set to start professional career. It is designed to serve as a textbook that addresses the requirements of students and is divided into different chapters, with small exercise at the end of each chapter, thus making it more interactive and interesting. Moreover, it also helps in imbibing the knowledge better.

It is compact guide to prepare oneself to face the challenges of corporate world in a better way, as it provides crucial insights into various facets of developing one’s personality, as well as improve written, verbal and nonverbal communication skills. Moreover special pointers are also given for effective CVs, participation in group discussions, and tackling job interviews. Equal importance is given to verbal communication and body language. It also highlights the importance of public speaking and speed reading skills. The book also provides inputs on avoiding common mistakes of speech and behaviour. This book is going to be guiding mentor for the readers and it also contains several case-studies and real life examples as well.

–Smita Dwivedi

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