The Pocket Doctor: Medical Tips for Common illnesses


Author: Dr. Anila Chandy
Publisher: Viva Books,
(Pp 140, ISBN 978-81-309-1261-5, Rs 295)

Written by a practicing physician Dr Anila Chandy of Apollo Group of Hospitals and Motherhood Hospitals, Chennai, it is a this practical guide to understand what various symptoms mean and how to deal with them. It tells us what can be the causes for it and what tests should be performed to find the underlying cause.

If you have a query to your illness, this book has the answer. It also contains some practical tips such as how to adjust the insulin dose in diabetes, how much alcohol can one drink, etc. Written in easy-to-understand format, it equips the reader with some understanding of common ailments before approaching a hospital. It also gives sound advice on how and what to eat and live a healthy life. After all, prevention is always better than cure!

–Varsha Verma 

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