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Satisfy the emotion to leave a bigger impact on the consumer’

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Raj Kumar Baniwal joined Cambridge University Press in July 2015 as managermarketing. He has more than 8 years of experience in Social Media, SEO / SEM, Email Marketing, Web Content & Client Servicing, Project Activation / Campaign Activation, etc. He has been associated with YNG Media Pvt Ltd, Internet Moguls, Aptara Corp. etc. Academically he is a PGDM (Marketing & International Business) from IMM University & Graduate from Delhi University. In his spare time, Raj likes Sports & Music.

‘We are running a marathon, not a sprint’

Ravi Sethi,
general manager
Manjul Publishing House

Ravi Sethi has been in the industry of publishing and distribution for the last 27 years. He has worked with Jaico Publishing House for over 20 years and is currently working from the last seven years as a general manager for Manjul Publishing House, Delhi, which is an independent book publishing company established in 2002.

They translate bestsellers published in the US, UK, Canada, Australia etc, in the self-help, mind-body-spirit, spirituality, inspiration, health and well-being etc. categories into Indian languages. Manjul also has a full-fledged bookdistribution division based in New Delhi.

The role of middle management is very important in an organisation as it help facilitate understanding, improve morale and give a voice to “the people,” of the company. On the other hand, they make leadership’s plans and desires look more desirable to front line staff, bridging peace and increasing compliance. Here, we met Raj Baniwal, manager, Cambridge University Press and Ravi Sethi, general manager, Manjul Publishing House Pvt Ltd, to know more about the role they plays in the organisation. Excerpts.

ABP: What do you like and dislike most about your work?

Raj: Opportunity to express my thoughts and the space provided for innovation is what makes my office work environment the best among all the companies I have worked at.

Ravi: Everyday challenges, family like office team, shared dreams and well defined company goals are the pros. Only con is the Delhi heat.

ABP: Your Marketing Mantra?

Raj: Don’t offer a solution for a need, satisfy the associated emotion which leaves a bigger and a better impact on the consumer.

Ravi: To stay true to the product, knowing its potential and marketing it honestly. Gaining long term trust of our clients is our vision. We are running a marathon, not a sprint.

ABP: How do you motivate your team?

Raj: By allowing them to speak up and experiment without a fear of being reprimanded for failure and then follow up with giving due credit and appreciation for the success. Leading by example mostly sets the tone.

Ravi: We are a small company finding our way to make it big. Every employee shares that dream, and that’s what keeps them motivated.

ABP: A challenging situation at work and how you solved it?

Raj: Bringing together all colleagues from offices across India to a single platform to share information and to collaborate. Achieved via regular, centrally managed communication, which requested for remote pan- India participation in events & celebrations held at local offices.

This made all zonal efforts synergise to have a national impact.

Ravi: With the advent of E-Books –Marketplace and routing of customers to e-commerce platform, the business has become challenging and difficult than ever. This is the pivoting phase of our industry. Selling the product is easy, procuring payments is difficult. It is a challenge for now, and we are working on it.

ABP: Who is your target audience?

Raj: Primarily, our target audience is book distributors, teachers, school management, colleges & institutes, under & post grad students and research scholars. While, for non-fiction academic titles, our audience is mass market. The secondary target audience remains School students, booksellers / retailers, and online marketplaces?

Ravi: Motivation and self-help books is the essence of Manjul Publishing house. Our target audience is everyone and anyone who needs an air of inspiration. Unlike Ekta Kapoor’s daily soaps, we make books for everyone.

ABP: Your favourite movie and book?

Raj: My favourite book is Shantaram by Gregory Roberts.

ABP: Favourite Movie:


Favourite Book:

The Secret (Rahasaya) (Not that I have read it, but it has always been there in our bestselling charts).

ABP: Your aim now?

Ravi: Aspire to make Manjul a household name.

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