Delhi Book Store: where sky is not the limit for the academia


Headquartered in New Delhi, Delhi Book Store is Asia’s largest bookstore, which has been a trendsetter for several decades. Sprawling showroom in Daryaganj is a sure-shot stop for book lovers from far and near. Here’s more on this mega bookstore.

Education without books is unimaginable; even in this digital era. The printed word still rules the roost. Delhi Book Store is one of the most trusted names in providing educational books to individuals, institutions, retailers, libraries, agents, schools and colleges across the country.

Established in 1947 by Jeewan Kumar Ahuja as a small vendor selling medical books, on foot or on a bicycle, to young medicos, the bookstore has now become the Mecca for not only medical students, doctors, teachers and libraries of medical colleges and hospitals in India as well as neighbouring countries, but has also made a mark in the world of nonmedical books.

Wide array of books…

The awards bagged by DBS over timeSpread over 20,000-sq ft, the five-floor showroom in Daryaganj retails books on all branches of medical science, including Nursing, Dentistry, Veterinary Science and Pharmacy. From subjects like Anaesthesia Medicine, Cardiology, Ultrasound, Surgery, Obs-Gyne, Radiology, Orthopaedics, Oncology, Haematology, Ophthalmology , Laboratory, E.N.T, any subject into fields of medical science, the bookstore is a veritable storehouse of medical information. And that’s not all! The 2,00,000 titles on display include not just medical titles, but also books on engineering, art, business & economics, children books, computers, health, family, lifestyle, law, military, social science, sports, etc. You name it – they have it! In fact, they are well known for stocking unique and rare titles as well.

All in one…

“My father envisioned to spread knowledge and education. Taking a step closer to his vision, we are not just a retailer and a wholesaler, but also a publisher, importer and a distributor,” tells Vijay Ahuja, chairman, Delhi Book Store (DBS), who joined the family business in 1974. Today, he is ably assisted by his son Prateek Ahuja, CEO, DBS. “We have exclusive distribution rights of 600 premier titles of Springer, and around 10,000 titles from other international publishers like Auris Reference, Koros Press, Arcler Press LLC, Delve Publishing LLC, Hayle Medical, Foster Academic, Callisto Reference, Clanrye International, NY Research, Magnum Publishing, Intelliz Press, Syrawood Publishing House and Willford Press,” tells Prateek.

Talking about their publishing division, DBS IMPRINTS, Vijay shares that they wish to offer world-class top-notch reference books of every academic stream. “We have already published 200 handbooks under our imprint and hope to reach 500 soon,” he shares.


Vijay Ahuja and Prateek AhujaTo make it easier for the far-off customers, Delhi Book Store has a fully computerized database and webbed a vast network to reach to every corner of the country as well as abroad along with a full-fledged advance facility of online selling.

But, Prateek feels that online bookshops can never surpass physical bookshops. “Our books are available at other online stores like Flipkart and Amazon but still, our sales are undoubtedly much larger at our physical bookstore,” he says.

Awards & recognitions…

DBS has also bagged various awards like Outstanding book distributor award by Afro-Asian Book Council; entry into the Limca Book of Records 2009 as the largest distributor of medical books in India; and Life Time Achievement Award conferred by FPBAI to Vijay Ahuja.

Success mantra…

“It is a blend of God’s grace, parents’ blessings and our inner spirits,” sums up Prateek. A rapid ultramodern work system, qualified and experienced staff, and friendly and comfortable atmosphere — add up to the unique experience at the Delhi Book Store. “We will continue to build on our heritage and outstanding history, and offer knowledge to help shape the future of tomorrow,” concludes Vijay.

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