Book Vision – April May 16


The Central Philosophy of Buddhism

Author: TRV Murti
Publisher: MLBD
(Pg 372, ISBN 9788120840072, Rs 495)

In this study of the Madhyamika School, founded in the 2nd century by Nagarjuna, one of the greatest thinkers of all time, TRV Murti presents the central doctrine of Buddhism, which is the absence of any autonomous existence in individuals and phenomena.

Travel India

(A complete Guide for Tourists)
Author: Chitra Garg
Publisher: Lotus Press
(Pp 557, ISBN 81 83820840, Rs 295)

This book contains complete information about Indian tourist places. All states information is given alphabetically. The book gives deep information about Indian culture, climate, traditions tourist places, hotels, spiritual values, government accommodation, wild life sanctuaries for those specially interested in tourism.

Sanitation in India

Author: Hetukar Jha
Publisher: Gyan Publishing House
(Pp 306, ISBN 9788121212786, Rs 120)

Sanitation is now increasingly recognised as one of the most ‘publicly relevant issues’ in our country. The book deals with why it is appropriate, rather, necessary for this issue to be duly considered as a field of historiosociological studies in the Indian academia.

Women’s superiority through quran

Author: Zubeda Baig
Publisher: Gyan Publishing House
(Pp 178, ISBN 9788121213110, Rs 590)

Women now control research and research outcomes. This has led to the destruction of old and dangerous myths about the biological inferiority of women espoused by men. Through this new research, women’s bodies and minds have in fact been proven superior.

Bhagavad Gita

(The dialogue between Sri Krsna and Arjuna)
Author: Gloria Arieira and Ricky Toledano
Publisher: MLBD
(Pp 393, ISBN 9788120840126, Rs 500)

With an unwavering dedication to the original Sanskrit and to the tradition of Advaita Vedanta, Gloria Arieira unfolds the beauty and clarity of the message that is the Bhagavadgita, the very knowledge of the Self that removed Arjuna’s confusion, allowing him to rise to his feet once again.

Innovative St rategies for Competitiveness and Sustainability in Global Business Environments

Editors: Kamal Kishore
Sharma, Atul Kumar Agarwal and Jitender Bhandari
Publisher: Kalpaz Publications
(Pp 535, ISBN 978935128 1481, Rs 535)

The contents and coverage of the papers presented in this book is spread across the sphere of business opportunities, emerging markets, strategy, innovation and challenges in the international markets.

Drink Urine and Live Healthy

Author: CS Rayudu Publisher: GenNext Publication
(Pp 357, ISBN
9789380222738, Rs 350)

A significant contribution… CS Rayudu by writing this book in English has done a great service to the mankind who is suffering from deteriorating physical due to innumerable and incurable ailments.

This book would be of immense value to those who are already leading a yogic life style as well as those modern young generation who are unaware and to make a beginning.

The complete family medicine book

Author: Dr PC Dandiya, Dr JS Bapna & Dr G Khilnani
Publisher: Orient Paperbacks
(Pp 344, ISBN 9788122205862, Rs 595)

There are 51 separate sections in this book covering the causes and symptoms of major diseases as well as common disorders and ailments – from body aches and pains to anxiety, high blood pressure, and diabetes, etc. – and the medicines used to prevent and treat them.

The startup diaries

(Ordinary Entrepreneurs, extraordinary Journeys)
Author: Neeti and Gagan Jain
Publisher: Orient Publishing
(Pg 248, ISBN 9788122205886, Rs 340)

Entrepreneurs — from the Hindi heartland to Ivy League B-Schools and a college drop-out — who were convinced that their idea offered a better value proposition than all existing products and services. Each of the stories is from a different field and presents a different face, yet the soul remains the same – ability to make things happen. Convection, passion, willingness to take risks, hard work, persererance, and team building remain the underlying thread in each story.

Inter-state conflict s and contentious issues in south asia

Author: Emanual Nahar
Publisher: Kalpaz Publications
(Pp 372, ISBN 9789351281696, Rs 825)

This publication is a by-product of a very successful ICSSR sponsored National Seminar organized by the Department of Political Science – University School of Open Learning, Panjab University, Chandigarh from March 24-25, 2014. The book comprises papers presented during the National Seminar from learned and distinguished experts, academimians, and research scholars.

Interrogating the Canon

(Literature and Pedagogy of Dalits)
Author: K Purushotham
Publisher: Kalpaz Publications
(Pp 248, ISBN 9789351281641, Rs 825)

It is a collection of research articles written on different occasions primarily exploring the alternative histories of language and literature informed by the postcolonial thrust of interrogating the canon. Though varied in themes, the running thread of the articles has been critiquing the exclusivist nature of the literary establishment, and arguing a case for literary inclusion of the Dalit writing.

Lucknow buildings, begums and the british

Author: PC Sarkar
Publisher: Kalpaz Publications
(Pp 220, ISBN 9789351281399, Rs 900)

Lucknow: Buildings, Begums and The British is not about history; rather it is a book on heritage – defined as the legacy of physical artefacts and intangible attributes inherited from past generations.

Diabetes Type I & II: Cure in 72 Hours

Author: Dr Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury
Publisher: Diamond Books Pvt Ltd
(Pp 121, ISBN 978935165 6227, Rs 150)

The book attempts to explain that diabetes is less of an endocrine disorder and more of a political disease and finally equips the reader with a simple method which can help an individual to cure himself of 3D’s- Diabetes, Drugs & Doctors and save the nation of a massive economic burden.

EVE Teasing: A Social Epidemic

Author: Deepa Awasthi
Publisher: Kalpaz Publications
(Pp 323, ISBN 9789351 281429, Rs 690)

Eve teasing has emerged as the most prominent challenge that every woman faces in her day to day life in India. This book includes total 27 chapters written by eminent scholars from all over country. This book will certainly help the young girls and women to face the crime of eve teasing with courage and determination.

Business Letters

Author: Nimmoo Kinger
Publisher: Lotus Press
(Pp 224, ISBN 8189093738, Rs 125)

A business letter is a commercial conversation by post and has its own norms and formats. This book has sample letters on all conceivable subjects and is a handy guide for busy businessman or student, or in fact, for any person who needs to write a letter.

There is also a section on electronic mail or e-mail, as it is popularly called. Useful and timely, it includes several letters which are illustrative of this new genre of business correspondence.

Police administration under the british rule

Author: Dr B Roja
Publisher: Gyan Publishing House
(Pp 384, ISBN 9788121212571, Rs 495)

The police administration formed an important wing of the public and judicial administration. This book provides a mechanism for understanding the important role played by the police, its characteristics of use of both force and consent in maintaining British rule. This book also highlights the police administration from the Deputy Inspector General of Police to the constable and from the district police headquarters to the police station at various levels of the range.

Personality Plus

Author: Divya Chopra
Publisher: Lotus Press
(Pp 176, ISBN 9788183822244, Rs 125)

The book focuses on personality growth and development, interpersonal and communication skill, different types of personalities, how to improve your personality, etc. The book emphasises that the personality is the psychological behaviour that affects the way of living and is handled by the way we interact with people around us and the situations that are related with them.

India: Mutiny to Mahatma and Swaraj

(A History of Hundred Years)
Author: Kamini Krishna
Publisher: Kalpaz Publications
(Pp 279, ISBN 97881212 13226, Rs 950)

This book gives a brief account of one hundred years of Indian history mainly from mutiny to emergence of Mahatma Gandhi and finally swaraj. It highlights the differences between Hindus and Muslims rulers which gave advantage to the Europeans traders to capture Indian market. Consequently, the British East India Company gained great power in India and ruled until 1857. It discusses the reasons behind the transfer of power from Company to the Crown after the mutiny of 1857.

Teach Yourself: Numerology

Author: Pandit Gopal
Sharma and Pracharya Sewa Ram Jaipuria
Publisher: Lotus Press
(Pp 109, ISBN 978818382 0387, Rs 125)

Commencing from ancient Kabbalism to modern numerology the mystical significance of number and letters, has been important in all sacred literature. Pt. Gopal Sharma, one of the most revered advisers of mystique sciences, brings to light the impact of Vedic numerology with specific reference to astrology & gem therapy, both in our personal & professional lives.

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