“Online bookshops can never surpass physical bookshops”


says Vijay Ahuja of Delhi Book Store, one of the Asia’s largest bookstores in New Delhi.

Vijay AhujaOnline bookstores seemed to be a threat to brick-andmortar bookshops 2-3 years back, but the fad has passed. Early this year, popular online book portal Amazon.com opened up a physical bookstore in Seattle, which is a clear indication that when it comes to books, physical bookstore is important.

“Online bookstores can never match the ambience and feel of a bookstore. Even the discounts at online bookstores have come down, while we continue to offer discounts to the tune of 20-50% on our books. Even in this digital age, our business is steadily growing at 10% per annum”, shares Vijay Ahuja of Delhi Book Store (DBS), which is a name in itself. The seed sowed by a foresighted man, Jiwan Kumar Ahuja, after partition, in the name of Delhi Book Store is now spreading its sweet fragrance throughout the globe. Like father like son, Vijay Ahuja, the managing director is following his father’s footprints and rendering his service in all the way to flourish the trade. Vijay Ahuja enriches the book store with selected, rare and valuable excellent books from all corners of the world and supplies the same to booksellers in India and abroad.

Little wonder then that Delhi Book Store is one of the Asia’s largest book stores, at Ansari Road, New Delhi. It is the place, where you can quench your thirst for finding any book on any stream of your choice, displayed categorically under various fields like Medical, Academic, References, Higher Education, Social Sciences, Books for Professionals, Library Science, Coffee Table Books, Books for whole-sellers, retailers and library suppliers, etc., so that one can easily meet the need.

“Each floor of the bookstore houses different categories of books and every book is given a LO (location number) so that the staff can find books easily, told Vijay Ahuja.

Besides purchasing books from renowned international publishers, Delhi Book Store has taken exclusive distribution of more than 10,000 of 2015-2016 titles of well-known overseas publishers like, Springer, Auris Reference, Koros Press, Arcler Press LLC, Delve Publishing LLC, Hayle Medical, Foster Academic,Callisto Reference, Clanrye, NY Research, Magnum Publishing, Intelliz Press, Syrawood Publishing House and Willlford Press and distribution of Elsevier, Cabi, Academic Press, Woodhead Publishing, Syngress, Morgan Kaufmann, Gulf Professional, Butterworth-Heinemann.

DBS has also ventured into publishing under DBS Imprint, covering all streams like Agriculture, Literature, Mass Communication, Tourism, Management, Science, Technology, etc.

The quest for books and knowledge is on and Delhi Book Store hopes to fulfil the need for quality books for time immemorial.

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