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A leading book publisher wanted its published books of all categories to be digitized into eBooks with Kindle compatibility within a quick turnaround time. The client expected nearly 1,000,000 pages to be converted per month. Cameo Corporate Services, in turn, produced 1,100,000 pages per month to complete the project within five months instead of the given seven months. They offered services like bulk conversion of source files from various inputs to Kindle eBook format, created MOBI version and KF8 for Kindle.

Similarly, one of the largest online publishers of STM journals wanted the output of its journals in various formats such as PDF, LaTex, XML, XHTML, and ePub. The client’s core emphasis was on quality while processing significant volumes at the same time. It was a challenging project for Cameo Corporate Services since it was necessary to deliver large volumes of files with very high levels of quality. Cameo developed unique production tools in-house to accomplish a series of production and quality control tasks and successfully delivered triple the volume of the journals with the highest quality in the required formats in a record time of only one month.

Headquartered in Chennai, Cameo Corporate Services Limited provides business process outsourcing services which specifically include epublishing services for publishing houses, document management services, payment processing and truncation services for the BFSI sector, as well as share transfer services for the top listed clients across India. Serving clients across geographies in India, US, Africa and Australia, Cameo Corporate Services serves more than 350 clients, including well-known publishers like Pearson, Oxford University Press, Taylor & Francis and Wiley, amongst others.

“With 100 offices in India and overseas offices in US and Uganda, Cameo Corporate Services has in-depth understanding of the requirements of fixed layout ePub conversion services and offers customised solutions,” shares S M Sathyaprasath, vice president – IteS, Cameo Corporate Services.

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