Fluffy & Me


Author: Anita Krishan;
Publisher: Finger Print, an imprint of Prakash Books India Pvt Ltd, New Delhi;
(Pp: 292, ISBN: 9788175993204, Price: Rs 250)

Fluffy & Me is the second book I read immediately from the beginning right after finishing it. The first one was George Orwell’s Animal Farm. The way Anita Krishan writes Fluffy & Me is so sweet and simple, moving, hilarious and deeply touching. Her third book and a memoir, Anita penned down Fluffy & Me sitting in New Delhi, recollecting the incidents that took place when she was growing up from a little girl to a young woman in Shimla. She recalls every bit of incidents nostalgically, remembering those years spent around pine forests and deodars on the lofty mountains, with a beautiful canine friend called Fluffy.

Life of Betu, nickname of the author, had been quite laid back in the sleepy Himalayan suburb. Following an unexpected phone call one dull evening from one of his father’s friends, it was sure a Lhasa Apso pup is on the way and Betu would soon to have a companion. And thus began the true story of the undying friendship. Amid adventures, nasty incidents and explorations in the wilderness, bond between Fluffy and his little mistress grew deeper than imagined as they gradually glide from innocence to maturity. This heart-warming true story takes me down to the journey full of laughter, fun and fear, and finally tears.

Fluffy’s selflessness, quality only dogs are capable of showering, really touched me while reading this memoir. In the midway, I was pretty sure I would shed tear when Fluffy would die as dogs live short-life. Contrary to it, my eyes started breaming when Betu got engaged, marriage date fixed, she had to leave Fluffy behind. It was on a mid-winter day, Betu’s last day at home, clouds gathered strength and afternoon became dark, soon snowflakes showered. She knew she would miss Fluffy terribly. She tried to swallow the painful lump in her throat. Months after her marriage, Betu took her two babies up the hills to visit Fluffy’s resting place. She watched the dying radiance of crimson aura in the sundown horizon in thought of Fluffy. Beauty is not only the story, but also Anita’s story telling flowing in literary style.

– Jyaneswar Laishram

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