Truth Behind the Rainbow


Author: Vidhi Singh Vaide
Publisher: Laxmi Publications, New Delhi
(Pp 114, ISBN: 9789385750243, Rs 295) This book may seem at first – a story of a singular life and of those connected to it, but as it progresses it will reveal itself to be the story of anyone who reads it. Most of the events described in this book are real and have their roots in actual occurrences. The story of a girl who was raised by a single mother in New Delhi, after her parents separated, this book is a journey of emotional and spiritual revelations caused by a sudden twist of fate.

Each chapter in this book will throw light on a phase in this girl’s life, her lessons, her mistakes, being common to know and universal in nature. People have committed these blunders before and will continue to long after, but mistakes if learnt from are our best teachers and that is what each chapter will reveal.

This book is intended to be a companion, a guide to keep with and go through whenever struck by a dilemma.

It carries a simple interpretation of the spiritual learning of the Seven Chakras in the body to understand how our attitudes can lead to various emotional, and thus physical disturbances, which can be avoided by taking some simple steps. The book contains practical tools to achieve focus, grounding, forgiveness and above all compassion. Each chapter will reveal itself as a lesson that needs to be faced, and learnt from in order for it to give a gift or reward at the end. The rewards being self-awakening and realization that as humans is our ultimate goal.

For the author, Truth Behind the Rainbow originally stared as a journal when she was laid up in bed after a terrible accident. She had suffered compound fractures to her left leg (two adjoining bones) and she was unable to walk for over six months. Her father, Dr. Deepak Vaide, told her to keep herself occupied and to reflect on what she was going through both emotionally and physically. This book is a result of those endless conversations and the research that followed to tie the pieces together and to bridge the gap that exists between the material and spiritual world.

If you know that you are struggling with some issues and don’t just want to know the problem but actually have a practical solution to help yourself and those you love, then this is the book for you. It is like a pocket guide to understanding life. It helps you UNLEARN so you can learn again.

This book is a must read for people of all age groups, but most of all young adults who have their entire lives ahead of them. They have the opportunity to be the best version of themselves not towards the fag end of their lives, Rather NOW!! This moment they can start being the best of who they can be and much more….
– Vasu V

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