Source book on Tibet launched


Pentagon Press has released Changes on the Roof of the world: Reflections on Tibet, an attempt by young research scholars from Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), most of who are of Tibetan origin to create a source book on the issue of Tibet. With China’s emergence as a global power, Tibet becomes highly relevant as it remains a “core issue” to China, affecting its security and basic sovereignty. The book was released by none other than Dalai Lama.

Much of the Tibetan issue remains mired in strong contestations between China and its opponents, which includes Tibetans both inside and outside China, their supporters and numerous foreign governments. It is seen as one of the most polarised issues in the current period, especially with China’s growing economic clout in the world. Hence through the chapters that deal with the political, economic, military, foreign policy and ecological aspects of Tibet, the volume hopes to shed more light on the Tibet issue. It will also serve as a launch pad for future yearbooks on Tibet, which the contributors hope will be an annual feature.

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