Rambles in Vedanta


Author: B R Rajam Iyer
Publisher: Motilal Banarsidas, Delhi
(Pp 864, ISBN 978-81-208-0913-0, Rs 595)

This book deals with the ideals and elements of Vedanta and the exposition of Vedanta symbology by taking recourse to the stories and illustrations drawn from the Epics, Puranas and Classics. The principal aim which runs throughout from the short story of Suka’s advent to the long life-tale of Vamadeva and Other Miscellaneous Stories is the realisation of self, the knowledge of the Atman, the elaboration and impression of the sublime truth taught by all religions and sages of antiquity, Lord Srikrishna and Jesus Christ.

Even a cursory glance at the contents and the range, richness and variety of the subjects included should make one feel that Rajam Iyer has delved deep into the fountain of Vedanta and spent years in understanding their intricacies, and mastering their mysteries. This range and richness is not merely confined to the subject matter; it equally holds true of the richness of linguistic and literary flourish. If there are closely reasoned out essays on subjects of great controversy, there are pleasant tales that drive home the Vedantic truth in the manner in which the great sage Veda Vyasa did through his Mahabharata and the Puranas. In Rambles in Vedanta the author has delved deep into the subjects of great controversy such as the concepts of Atman, Karma-yoga, Bhakti, Virtue and Sin and has cleared the intricacies of the subject matter in as simple, homely and interesting style as possible. A requisite read for those are in pursuit of the roots of Hinduism. The book is about the religion in which we are living and its tolerant character. Though bulky, but thought provoking and inspiring.

– GS Jolly

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