Author: Uday Satpathy (Pp 325)
Publisher: Westland Ltd, New Delhi

If you like a suspense thriller, Brutal is a book to read. It’s captivating plot keeps you glued to the book. Though the author Uday Satpathy is a debut author, his writing is so clear and precise that one can’t help but admire his writing prowess. The story has such minute details that are not only interconnected but also a vital part of the plot.

The characters in the book look real and circumstances believable. The story is tightly woven together, with no loose ends.
A school teacher gets creepy messages in his mailbox and seven days later, he murders eleven of his students. Two month later, he is gunned down in broad daylight. Two crime reporters – Prakash and Seema – follow the story and find that a similar massacre occurred eight years ago. They discover that truth lies in the hands of the business and political DNA of the country. The case is not that simple as it looked. There are so many things to be unfolded until they get to the bottom of the truth.
This unpredictable novel will keep you intrigued to the end. A very well attempt by the debut author!

– Varsha Verma

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