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Book publishing has got significantly better in India during last several years. With the upgradation and the implementation of new technology and industrious workforce the production is much better and to put it precisely–Books published by the leading publishers of India are of international standard.

“We, at Vishv Books fortunately have had many proud moments when we have been awarded for the quality of our books and have been appreciated by both our international clients and our fellow publishers nationally and internationally for our production. We primarily bring out children’s books. Our books not just wear an international look but even the content, pictures and layout is valid in a global context. Our focal point is the quality of content, its visual appeal for young learners across the world and a widespread reach. Keeping pace with the growing and changing technology, e-books and applications for all kinds of tablets and mobile phones are also done. We make all efforts to serve our young readers the most appropriate and the best,” tells Mudit Mohini of Vishv Books. “There has been an upsurge in demand for our books in not just our own country but also among the international fraternity of publishers. Thanks to our readers out there, they are the ones motivating us to put in our best, and in the process as we evolve, we strive to do more good books and target readers worldwide. We participate in the major book fairs across the world.

The footfalls going up at our stand each year is a reward for our diligent effort,” she adds. Vishv Books has a dedicated team of eminent authors, editors, designers, artists, and experts at printing and binding units. “We have well spread infrastructure, which includes four state-of-the art printing establishments. We derive our strength from the belief that we are contributing in the making of tomorrow’s global citizens who are also facilitators of a positive change in our global society. We believe that education and values are the tools which can transform the young minds into catalysts of economic progress and social change. This is what has driven us to work harder and give better results that show in children’s books which have only gotten brighter, rich in content and more purposeful,” she shares.

They publish a wide variety of books for children: school textbooks and general books. Their books are also being prescribed in many schools not just across India but also in major parts of Asia, Egypt and Africa. “We have a wide variety of children’s books which include picturestory books, short story books, colouring books, art and craft books, model-making books, and also three-dimensional books like pop-up books, known for their designing and quality. These books are not just colourful toy but have lot of learning value. Our aim is same to make learning fun. The reader can simply enter a three dimensional world by turning a page and the book could become ‘lively’ from ‘dumb’,” adds Mudit. These non-conventional books engage better, enhance interactivity with manipulative features. “All these books are conceptualized and produced by us (So truly Make in India—very rare for this Pop up book genre),” she adds.

Their books are marketed and distributed all over India as well as to the other parts of the world like South East Asia, Europe, USA, Africa and Mexico. Books intended for international market are structured keeping in mind a global perspective with a universal approach.

Kovai Sketches launched

Kovai Sketches, a book based on Coimbatore was recently launched at Bookmark Library and Activity Centre in Coimbatore. Published by Timbaktoo Publishing, Kovai Sketches is a compilation of stories by nine children from the city aged between seven and thirteen years. This initiative was part of the ‘Cultural Chronicles’ by the publishing house.

Aparna Raman, founder, Timbaktoo Publishing, says that ‘Cultural Chronicles’ aims to create cultural assimilation amid kids about the place they live in. “Children should feel connected to their city,” she adds. The endeavour encourages kids to delve into the past of their respective cities The journey began with a writing workshop for kids on ‘Creating your mythology’ by Aparna a few months ago in the city. “We went through mythologies from different parts of the world. All of them contained elements such as wars, kings, jealousy, mystery, God taking sides and so on. But there was always a hero who had a goal and achieved it by moving past various obstacles,” she explained.

The kids came up with a story of their own encompassing all these mythological elements set in the backdrop of Coimbatore, during the workshop. These stories have been compiled into a book called Kovai Sketches. “The only condition was that the stories should be based on the myths or folklores related to Coimbatore. It was also a way of bringing back mythological stories from our time to the present generation,” says Aparna.

Also, the alliterations and respective illustrations created by the little authors during the workshop were made into postcards and released during the same event. The book was released by Dr Vijay Karthikeyan, corporation commissioner, Coimbatore.

– Janani Rajeswari S

Dr Darshan Singh Aasht’s book for children awarded

A book in Hindi Papa Ab Aisa Nahi Hoga written by Sahitya Akademi Awardee and Shiromani Punjabi Bal Sahitya Lekhak Dr Darshan Singh Aasht, (working in Punjabi University Patiala) has been chosen as Best Book Award for Children in Hindi Languages by the Department of Languages, Punjab, Patiala for the year 2013. The amount of the award is Rs 21000 and a plaque. The award is likely to be presented to Dr Aasht in a state literary function, The Languages Deptt, director Dr Chetan Singh said, “This book has also been translated in Maithily language of Bihar state.”

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