Brihadaaranyaka: The Great Upanishad


Author: Kadambari Kaul
Publisher: Leadstart
(Pp: 539, ISBN 978-9381836705, Rs 499)

From the unreal to real, from darkness to light, from death to immortality: these three profound prayers emerge from the distilled soul of eternal India. They are the quintessence of the Brihadaranyaka that ranks amongst the oldest of the esoteric revelations which constitute the Upanishadic corpus.

Brihadaranyaka means great (Brihat) Forest (aranyaka) book because of its size and because it would be better to study it in the silence of the forest.

This pristine work of intuitive wisdom, having at its core the wondrous insight of Yajnavalkya, its pioneer-sage, offers a veritable roadmap, guiding worthy seekers of knowledge on a course of spiritual ascendance and ultimate liberation – with faith, logic and contemplation, as the pilgrims’ wherewithal.

This volume presents an innovative transcreation of the Brihadaranyaka in simple, free-flowing verse, supported by an eclectic array of elucidations and commentaries gleaned from the works of many master interpreters. The book helps the reader reach the goal of freedom of mind and testifies to the intellectual superiority of the wise. Spread over six chapters, the book affirms the absolute identity of atman and Brahman which is universal, undifferentiated, absolute pure consciousness.

– Vasu V

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